Pioneer Day: U*Konserve Waste-free Lunch Kit Review & Giveaway

I am a big believer of waste not, want not. This holds true with everything from food to recyclables and even things that make life less overused. So being introduced to the U*Konserve Waste-free Lunch Kit was a natural step in the right direction. Even better that my children are able to take part in this small portion of greening our home. It teaches wise lessons that I hope they will continue to pass along to their own family one day.

Butterfly Waste-Free Lunch Kit

The waste-free lunch kit includes a recycled cotton lunch sack and napkin, stainless steel water bottle, food kozy wrap and two stainless steel containers. Every part is durable and non-toxic. This kit is ideally used in my home for school lunches and Low’s on-the-go meals. However I am sure it would also serve well for myself to take along if I worked outside of the home.

The butterfly recycled cotton lunch bag with velcro closure and matching napkin is adorable and yet washable. So even when my carefree daughters put it through the ringer and spill unknown food and drink items in the bag, I can toss it in the wash and dry. Then we are ready to use again.

The food kozy sandwich wrap created from LDPE #4 plastic also comes complete with a velcro closure to keep sandwiches and bread safe during travel, etc. This piece is even large enough when opened to double as a placemat. Making picnicing and eating at the school lunch tables a snap. Easy to clean with a little soap and water; then lay out to dry.

Pioneer Lunch

My favorite feature of the Waste-free Lunch Kit are the two leak-proof stainless steel 8-oz. containers. These are fantastic and perfectly sized. I can pack applesauce, a small side salad or even include a dessert in them for my kiddos. The lids fit snug and I have yet to have any leaks from them and don’t expect any to appear. It is no secret that I am a big fan of stainless steal and this along with the 13-oz. stainless steel water bottle really sealed the deal for me.

U*Konserve didn’t stop with the necessities of a complete lunch kit either. They also knowingly included recycled aluminum nametag. Can you say SMART THINKING? This allowed me to add our last name without having to write it on the bag itself or having to purchase a nametag sticker. Parents around the globe thank you!

Pioneer Aryka

I am very happy with this set and it was a great fit not only for everyday use but also for Pioneer Day at the elementary school. We can’t wait to get the own Caterpillar Waste-Free Lunch Kit as well. This way my girls no longer have to share their fav’ed lunch pack anymore.

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Waste Free Lunch Kit Giveaway

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