Top 5 Gifts For Teen Boys + Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle

This holiday season you don’t have to stress about what to get the teenage guy in your life.  We have pulled together the Top 5 Gifts For Teen Boys this year that your teen is sure to love.  Not only will you find something fun on this list, they will all be things that are hot this year for teens.  Be the hero and put one of these under the tree.

Top 5 Gifts For Teen Boys


GoPro Hero Camera:  This camera is the perfect gift for the super active guy who likes documenting everything on social media.  Waterproof, fun for all adventures and including great zoom capabilities, this is the ideal gift for your teenage adventurer.

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle:  The latest in Xbox technology and the best Assassin’s Creed yet all in one package.  This is sure to make them jump up and down with excitement this holiday season.  You can’t go wrong with this quality gaming system that also includes the popular AC game.

Beats By Dre Over The Ear HeadphonesWhether they are listening to music or gaming, these noise canceling headphones are the best around.  They made their debut a few years ago to rave reviews that haven’t stopped since.  Snag the latest version to give your son a way to listen to his favorite band without bothering you.

Samsung Chromebook:  This great computer system is perfect for the kid who wants to be online and up to date, but doesn’t need a ton of programs on their system.  Chromebooks offer a great computer experience that is functional for the average online browser and social media fan.

ROMO Robotic Pet For iOS: This fun little robot works through an app on your iOS operated smart phone.  Tons of fun, and a great way for your kids to play with their latest gadgets.

This year be the hero as your teen son opens one of these great presents.  These top gifts for teen boys are sure to provide you with something awesome to give them, and their wish list fulfilled.  Don’t forget to make sure to grab a few extra chargers and batteries for these electronics so they are never running out of juice to play, view or create.


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