Tips for Unplugging and What to Do Once You Go Offline

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today, we take the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn family pledge to Unplug. Pop. Connect. Taking the family experience back by disconnecting from all technology and truly enjoy some quality time! I hope each of you will join me in this challenge as it is so important for us to reconnect with each other as often as possible.

Tips for Unplugging and What to Do Once You Go Offline

Tips for Unplugging and What to Do Once Go Offline

1. Turn off the TV, pop a bowl of your favorite JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and break out the family board games! This opens the table for catching up on what is going on in everyone’s lives. Not to mention board games help improve brain skills and will keep you sharp on your toes.


2. Place all the cellphones in the center of the dining table during your next family meal. The first to grab theirs clean the kitchen: dishes and all!

3. Head off to the wilderness for a weekend. While you should carry along a cellphone *just encase*, there is no reason to use it unless there is an emergency. Connect with your love ones around the campfire, tell stories and even simple chat while waiting for the fish to bite.

4. Family road trips can be as exciting and as educational as you wish to make them. Stop often at oddball places like the world’s largest strawberry and even historical areas like the Grand Canyon. Take lots of pictures, breathe the fresh air and just enjoy spending time together.

5. Explore locally. This is one of my favorites with my children. We often put on our tennis shoes and head off in whichever direction our heart desires. We chat along the way, take in the changes to their area and get our exercise in for the day all in just a few hours.

For more tips and to take the challenge, visit JOLLY TIME Unplug Pop Connect site and share your family pledges in order to receive a high value coupon or possibly win a prize package!


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