How to Study While Traveling Or Vice Versa?

How to Study While Traveling Or Vice Versa?

One of the best things about college is that it gives you infinite opportunities to travel the world and enjoy different lives and experiences.  When else will you have so much audacity, time, and freedom to dart off from one place to another, sleep under the stars, and eat once in a full moon?

Exaggerations aside, college is the best time to travel. Here you have volunteer programs, internships, seminars, and yes, the old-fashioned planned trips you’ve been saving money on. But as easy as it may sound, students often worry about how traveling may affect their academic performance. 

What if we say that you can do both? This will take you some discipline and effort but nothing is impossible. Here’s what you can do to continue studying while being on the move.

Plan in Advance and Stay Organized 

Great deeds don’t happen without a great plan. And if you’re going to multitask – aka study while traveling – it’s inevitable that you need a solid daily routine to make it work.

First of all, start with mapping up a clear plan for your trip. Once you choose a destination, jot down all the ins and outs of your travel: consider transportation, itinerary, accommodation, nutrition, etc. Don’t take it as an ordinary traveler, you need to make sure that your plan also includes studying time, as well as other amenities you may need. 

If you’re going to study online or contact your professors, you will need a stable internet connection. Also, it would be good to have a desk or a table to do your homework at.  And if you can’t focus in a noisy environment, it wouldn’t be odd to think about finding a secluded place where no one will disturb you.

Once everything is planned, all you have to do is stick to it and be organized. However, make sure that the plan is flexible enough – you don’t want it to fall apart after a minor sheer.  

Discuss Online Learning with Your Teachers

Online learning is an important part of our modern reality and we don’t see why teachers may deny it. However, it’s good to discuss this issue with your professors before you depart. Find out if you can attend lectures online and upload your homework and projects to the cloud or LMS. Also, if there are tests or exams looming on the horizon, clear up if you can take them remotely. Of course, if your teachers are resolute, you may have to put off your journey or take some time off your studies but it’s still worth trying.

Have Electronic Copies of Your Reading Materials

If you want this study-and-travel endeavor to work, you need your reading materials. And the best way to take your books with you without overloading your bag is to upload their e-copies to your tablet or laptop. 

If you’re just starting out your college year, consider buying electronic versions instead of paper textbooks. Not only do they allow more mobility, but also are significantly cheaper than their paper analogs.  

Alternatively, ask your teachers if they can provide electronic materials.  Quite often, professors share some extra reading and practice materials online, which is especially convenient for a traveling student.

Be Flexible and Think Strategically

Studying while traveling won’t be easy. But a good strategy can make it possible and bearable, at least. You will inevitably happen in situations when something may not go as planned. Flight delays, traffic jams, zero-zero weather after all. In any incomprehensible situation, study.

If you’re stuck in the room due to shower rain, study. If you have to wait at the airport for another couple of hours, study. If the sights you wanted to visit are closed, find the nearest café and study.

Of course, you don’t have to spend precious moments abroad in your room cramming. But it’s good to have an understanding of how you can take maximum advantage of the available time. 

Learn to Have Quality Experience

Half-measures are the worst enemies of multitasking. When you’re out there exploring the destination, you think of how much you need to do. When you’re studying, you strive to get out and finally start enjoying your trip. And you get nothing of both worlds.

Learning to live in the moment and having quality experience is crucial to be a productive student and a life-enjoying traveler. Whether you’re wandering around the location or beavering away at homework, be focused and committed. It will help you keep the balance between “I want” and “I must” and make the most of your journey.


According to Pro-papers Head of HR, there’s a growing tendency to hire individuals with vast traveling experience. This is because companies are sure that ardent travelers are more resilient, adjustable, culturally sensitive, and have a broader outlook. And oftentimes, a rich traveling background can weigh the scales in your favor when it comes to picking between two candidates. 

It doesn’t mean that from now on, you can put your studies on pause and just loaf around the world hoping to win a better place under the sun. But finding a balance between itchy feet and a nerd is crucial.

The ability to delegate betrays maturity. And college is the best way to learn that, especially if you’re hitting the road nearly every day. With an unbiased eye, look at your studying routine and be honest. Perhaps, there are assignments that don’t have real value for you or they take an unreasonable amount of time. Then, you can ignore them, put them off for later, or reassign them to someone else for pay or for a good word. Whatever decision you make, it should be beneficial for both your academic progress and traveling spirit.

Traveling in college shouldn’t be hard; and if you are organized and stick to the plan, it won’t be. Have your priorities always in mind, and r

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