Southern and Central Florida Attractions

The southern and central regions of Florida are packed with places of interest. Renting a car allows visitors to enjoy day trips to attractions ranging from the theme parks near Orlando to Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades and the Overseas Highway leading down to Key West. Even within the Miami area, a car can be a big help in getting the most out of a trip to Florida.

photo credit: Miami Seaquarium
photo credit: Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

Offering a fascinating view of the lives of sea creatures like manatees, dolphins and sharks, the Seaquarium is great fun for visitors of all ages. Guests can even don a diving helmet and enjoy 20 minute underwater adventure in the Tropical Reef environment.

photo credit: Everglades Safari Park
photo credit: Everglades Safari Park

Everglades Safari Park

Airboat rides exploring the unique ecosystem of the Everglades are only the beginning at the Everglades Safari Park. Visitors can investigate further in kayaks, on bicycles or on foot, or they can sit back and enjoy wildlife shows and the distinctive cuisine of the Safari Restaurant.

photo credit: Coral Castle Museum
photo credit: Coral Castle Museum

Coral Castle Museum

This fascinating folk art museum is a celebration of the vision of local artist Ed Leedskalnin. Working alone in the first half of the 20th century, Leedskalnin carved coral rock into everything from a smoothly functioning nine ton gate to rocking chairs made entirely from coral. The carvings themselves are the silent witness to his artistry.

South Florida is full of fascinating attractions. With Miles Car Rental Miami visitors can rent the transportation they need to enjoy a Florida vacation to the fullest.

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