Robitussin 100,000 Simple Acts of Relief w/ $100,000 grand prize #Giveaway and $1/1 #coupon

Every day people have to juggle day-to-day demands like work and family, but a common cold can stop you in your tracks, even when everything else around you keeps on going. Robitussin® wants to make cold and flu season a little easier on you this year with 100,000 Simple Acts of Relief.

During the 100 toughest days of the cold and flu season, Robitussin is giving out 100,000 Simple Acts of Relief, which includes an instant win game & sweepstakes for a chance to win a variety of prizes, such as coupons for free product, pre-paid gift cards and the ultimate sweepstakes grand prize of $100,000!

In addition, Robitussin has teamed up with iconic Olympic and World ice skating champion and sports commentator, Peggy Fleming. As the “simplest” act of relief, the Robitussin brand and Ms. Fleming are making an exclusive offer to people whose last name is or sounds like one of the cold symptoms Robitussin treats – like Fleming, which sounds like phlegm – to enter the exclusive Robitussin Last Names Giveaway. The first 5,000 eligible entrants will receive free Robitussin to help get them through this cold and flu season. To enter visit and go to the “Last Names Giveaway” page where you can register and match your last name to one of the qualifying symptoms. Eligible symptoms include cough, cold, phlegm, mucus, fever, sneeze, sneezy, sneezing, headache, congestion, congest, congested, stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, or sore throat.

Want even more relief…

Robitussin provides effective relief for specific cough and cold symptoms; treatment ranges from cough and chest congestion, multi-symptom cold and nasal relief. However, the medicine aisle can be a confusing and overwhelming place, so the Robitussin Relief Finder can help you find the right relief for your symptoms, quickly and easily in just a few clicks. The Robitussin Relief Finder is available on your web or mobile browser at and as a downloadable mobile app.

And Robitussin is giving consumers a $1 coupon for any Robitussin product

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