Best Toys for Girls: Miffy Little Blue Car #HotHolidayGifts2017

Best Toys for Girls: Miffy Little Blue Car #HotHolidayGifts2017

New to Jazwares toy collection comes a classic, world renowned character, MIFFY! Now a popular show on Nick Jr., Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small has a beautiful line of preschool friendly toys. With more than 85 million copies from the Miffy book series have been sold worldwide, this is a very popular little bunny this holiday season.

The lovable character and her friends are now available in stores and just in time for gift giving:

  • Miffy 4 Pack – (Family or Friends)
  • Little Vehicle (Blue Car)
  • Soft Plush (Miffy, Melanie, Snuffy)

Best Toys for Girls: Miffy Little Blue Car #HotHolidayGifts2017

Our favorite is the Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small Little Blue Car and figure by Jazwares. This little playset is perfect any Miffy fan. Suggested for ages 2+ and a nice size for little hands to easily handle to push car.

Miffy Little Blue Car #HotHolidayGifts2017

The little blue care is approximately 6″x4″x4″ and sports two seats for Miffy figures and wheel for the driver to stear. Four working wheels slide smoothly across surfaces to engage in real driving pretend play. A spare tire accent and two tail lights give this vehicle a feel for something real from the back. From the front view, you can see two yellow headlights and shapely wheel mounts. This is truly and adorable design that I can see being an actually car in the ole’ days.

Miffy Little Blue Car Playset #HotHolidayGifts2017

The playset also includes a 2 ” Miffy figure that is so true to the character herself it is awe inspiring. She is a lovely white bunny with tall ears. The face is graced with two black dotted eyes and and X for what I believe could be the nose or mouth. The figurine is complete with orange long sleeve shirt.

Simple and safe with no removable parts other than the figurine, this is a fantastic gift idea for the toddler aged Miffy fan! This playset is available at Walmart and also Amazon.

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