Couples Travel: Experiencing Memphis Nightlife

Experiencing Memphis Nightlife

Memphis is famous for a lot of things, but the most commonly known things have to be it being the home of Elvis Presley and of course great barbecue. What most don’t realize is there is a thriving nightlife in the community that makes a fabulous weekend getaway for singles and couples. Experiencing Memphis Nightlife gives you a chance to do all the things you love in the city, with the small town feel you desire. Having spent many a weekend in this great little town on the edge of Arkansas and Tennessee, we are sharing some of our favorite things to do here.

Experiencing Memphis Nightlife


Beale Street Music: Nothing in the world is quite like the famous Beale Street in downtown Memphis. Located close to the Mississippi River, this is the heart of Memphis. Everything from life music of all genres to great food at every corner this is the place to go for a look at true Memphis nightlife. Enjoy classic and modern rock & roll, country music from local talent and of course the epic rhythm and blues that made Beale Street famous in the first place.

Great Dancing & Clubs: Memphis features a multitude of restaurants and clubs with dancing. Nightclubs with great local and regional music, food and specialty drinks are a great way to unwind with your friends or lover. Even though Memphis sits in what could be considered the country music region, you will find every kind of club you could imagine in this area. Country Line Dancing, Hip Hop and Techno all within a few miles of each other. No matter what your taste in music and dancing, Memphis has it for you.

BBQ, Fine Dining & More: Restaurants in Memphis have late hours in the downtown area, allowing you to go out for a plate of BBQ after a night on the town. Whether you want the classic Southern fare of fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and a side of turnip greens, or you want superior fine dining with imported wines and French cuisine you can find it in this great little city. BBQ reigns supreme here with dry rubs and sauces that have one thousands of competitions, but the area chef’s give each other a run for their money with unique fusion cuisine that leaves critics wanting more.

If you are looking for a great place to spend a weekend alone or with your spouse, Memphis is a perfect place to go. Experiencing Memphis night life will leave you with the feeling you just visited a large city, but without the expense or crowded streets. Enjoy this great gem of a city on the Mississippi River for excellent nightlife, as well as cultural history.

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