You Gotta Try Identity Games Dodgeball

Spring rain got you down? Well, there is nothing better than a family game night and we just found an exciting game that will test of patience, skill and bravery, Dodgeball! Are you ready to challenge your stacking ability and timing as you race to be the first to stack up your balls before your player’s head gets knocked off? Yeah, it is seriously fun!

You Gotta Try Identity Games Dodgeball

Just about everyone, child to adult, has heard of and played a game of dodgeball. I know all four of my youngest actively play it in school even now. Dodgeball is one of those easy to understand, hands on games that withstood the test of time. Now in board game form, you can bring this challenge in doors no matter the weather outside.

Identity Games Dodgeball comes complete with arena, four player heads, four goblets, twenty-six mini dodgeballs (because it wouldn’t be dodgeball without something to throw) and directions. Everything you need for two to four players. Setup does requires three 1.5V AA batteries that are not included.

Choose your mode of play: slow or fast. We suggest everyone start in slow mode to get to know how the game functions and work your way up to the most challenging aspect of fast play.

This is a skill based game that requires you to hold the goblet in one hand while using the other to place six red dodgeballs on your stick. Sounds easy, right? Think again! You must do this while the schoolyard dodgeball champ is in constant spin motion trying to hit your character effectively knocking your block off! It’s up to you to save your player and win the game before your opponents do.

If that isn’t enough to keep track of. Identity Games went even further providing you a lever that you can push down between each rotation to protect your player. With so much going on at once, you will begin to wish like mom does that you had more hands.

Now, the first player to get all six dodgeballs on their stick without losing their head, WINS! I can tell you that age makes no difference in this games. It takes skill and pure kid know how to dip, dodge and move before the champ knocks your head completely off. I know it sounds a bit dark but the effect sparks a bit of completion and will have everyone laughing and anxious to go again for the win.

For us this is a must try and play game. Identity Games Dodgeball has quickly become a favorite in my home. After all, we love to challenge each other to improve ourselves and our skills whenever possible. This also is one that brings together son, daughters and moms/dads in good humored fun. You will have them rolling with laughter and cheering all around when their win comes.

Where to buy Identity Games Dodgeball: or Do you have what it takes to keep your head?

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