How to Recover after a Fall

How to Recover after a Fall

Falling when we’re young can be nothing more than a matter of getting back up again. Falling when we’re older can be devastating and even life-threatening. Even when you aren’t a senior, falling from a great height or ladder could result in lifelong damage that you will need to learn to cope with.

Recovering is never easy, but it is doable, so long as you follow these steps immediately:

Get Compensated

If you fell due to rickety stairs in a store, when a ladder broke at work, on ice outside an office – you have a case for compensation. It was up to the owners and operators of these establishments to ensure their property was fit for purpose. These types of establishments are also the best case scenario because, after a quick visit to to hire an experienced attorney, you are almost guaranteed to get the full compensation you deserve, as you will be dealing with an insurance company, not an individual.  

Work With Your Doctor

Your doctor will be at the forefront of your recovery, which is why you need to be completely honest with them about how you feel. If you don’t, then they cannot accurately diagnose you and help prescribe you the right medication and treatment measures you need to feel and get better. Healing also takes time, especially if surgery was involved to help fix your body, so give it the time it needs to properly mend itself.

Commit to Your Rehabilitation

In most cases, your doctor will recommend a rehabilitation schedule for you. This schedule should help you heal, both physically and mentally.

1. Mentally

While a fall and tumble might not be a big deal to some, it can be traumatizing for others. If you fell and broke your hip, this could make you distrust your own body, and then hate yourself for getting older and being in this predicament in the first place. If you fell due to faulty equipment and hurt yourself, it can be difficult to trust your employer again or deal with heights. You need to deal with the mental trauma of the fall as much as you need to deal with the physical rehabilitation to get back up on your feet and be stronger than ever.

2. Physically

With a trained specialist and chiropractor, you can improve the chances of a full recovery. Even if a full recovery is simply not possible, rehabilitation in this way is your best bet to regaining as much motion as you can. In combination with your specialized recovery workout, Sunday Scaries products can help with pain relief and inflammation.

Get Stronger

You will then need to build up your muscles. If, for example, your fall caused you to break a hip, as your muscles can help prevent such issues in the future. As we age, our muscle mass decreases, so we need to work hard to keep that muscle mass up and yourself strong.

Move Past Your Fears

You need to address your fears, because you cannot let an accident dictate your life. You shouldn’t avoid streets in winter just as you shouldn’t avoid a car after a car accident. You will naturally be more cautious, but don’t restrict yourself entirely.

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  1. Good to read. I’m always so afraid of slipping on ice during winter months.

  2. I recovered after a big fall a few years ago, lots to go over, really good steps here

  3. Good tips. I think the first step would be the doctor. I mean being compensated is fine and dandy, but you do have to have proof it happened and someone else as at fault. Being older I can attest it does take much longer to recoup.

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