How to Get a Better Life/Work Balance

Being a working mom can be tough but it can be made even more difficult when we don’t stop to evenly nurture the important aspects in our lives. As soon as the walls between your work and personal life become blurred, stress levels begin to soar and this can become dangerous – particularly when you start to skip meals, lose sleep or spend too much time without loved ones.

As impossible as it may seem from time to time, you can juggle both without sacrificing one aspect for another. Read up on some of these top tips to help you redress the balance and restore a bit of harmony and control into your schedule.


Eat well

When you have an on-the-go lifestyle it can be so tempting to go for the quick and tasty junk food. But neglecting your body and mind in this way will only deplete you of much needed energy later and go on to effect every other aspect of your life. Instead, take healthy low-fat, high-fibre snacks to work and have breakfast foods like porridge oats and wholegrain toast. Foods with slow-releasing energy will keep you alert for work and home life – and help you sleep better too.

Plan your social life

If your current diary or memo book is already filled to the brim with work dates and meetings, buy a second ‘social’ diary to schedule important lunch dates with friends and date nights with your partner and so on. Better still, hang a social calendar at home so your spouse and kids are aware of the dates set aside for family time too. Apart from instances when work obligations cannot be avoided, there is never a good excuse to postpone time with family or blow off a good friend for extra workload. By taking control with the abovementioned social schedule diary, you can always make a little extra time for the important things.

Minimise chores

Easier said than done with a house full of children right? Not necessarily. There are much simpler ways to run weekly errands without actually running yourself ragged in the process. For example, consider ordering weekly grocery shops online and instead of stressing about the untidy appearance of the house all week, try setting aside just one evening each week to clean the house.

Unfortunately, a family home can’t promise to stay clean for long which is why you could set aside a ‘cleaning evening’ for your spouse or kids too (if they are old enough). With a little helping hand from everybody to minimise clutter, you will quickly start to save your sanity and precious extra time to spend as a family throughout the week.

Work on maintaining a good life/work balance and you’ll soon be on your way to a calmer and more poised you. For all other issues that come your way in daily life, let the spiritual specialists at Kooma be your guide. Kooma are a fast-growing psychic reading service with a hub of friendly and professional readers just waiting to offer wisdom and insight into your personal or work-related concerns. Call now for an open and thoughtful discussion or participate in an online reading to help restore the balance in your life.

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