How to Build a Simple Toy Chest

If you’re interested in building a unique toy box for your child to store playthings in, look no further. For those who are already confident with DIY tasks, a more complex design might be worth considering. This simple guide will show you how to construct 3ft by 2ft toy chest.

How to Build a Simple Toy Chest DIY

What Will I Need?

–          Seven pieces of plywood, measuring half an inch in thickness

–          Two gas struts

–          18 chipboard crews

–          Two 95 degree concealed hinges

–          A handle of your choice

–          Paint or wood stain

–          Sandpaper

Make sure you also have a tape measure, a screwdriver and some wood glue. You’ll need an electric saw if you’re going to cut the plywood to size yourself.

Step One

Start by cutting five pieces of plywood so that they measure 3 feet by 2 feet or 91.4cm by 61cm. These will be the two sides of the toy box, the base and the lid. Cut the two remaining pieces of plywood to measure 2 feet by 2 feet or 61cm by 61cm to make up the other sides

Step Two

Sand the plywood until it is very smooth and then place the 3 foot by 2 foot board on to a completely flat surface. This is the base of the toy box. Nail the sides of the box into place, one wall at a time. You should always attach them to the base before nailing them together.

Step Three

Place the remaining board on top of the constructed box, and screw a hinge on to each end. Screw the hinges into the box and open and close it a few times to check that it fits. You can also add gas struts to keep the box open when it is in use. To find out more about adding appropriately sized gas struts, contact a specialist provider like SGS Engineering.

Step Four

You can now get the children involved for the final step. Kids love being included in DIY projects, and this step can be one for the whole family. Paint and varnish the box together. You can use stencils to decorate the toy chest, or let your children paint on their own designs.

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