Hacks To Make Parenting Easier + $100 Giveaway

Hacks To Make Parenting Easier

Being a parent is not for the weak. It’s a hard job, but it has big payoffs. Most parents do the best that they can, but not all parents realize how many shortcuts they can take and still be seen through their children’s eyes as the best parents ever. This list might give you some ideas.

Give Everyone Their Own Cups

Use a sharpie (or many sharpies) to let your child decorate his or her cup. Then let them know that they should only use that cup all day, rinsing it out in between uses. This will cut down on the number of dishes that need to be washed. Bonus: put a magnet on them to store near the water dispenser.

Give Everyone Their Own Towels

Assign each child a different color of towels; give them an entire set to keep in their room. They should use only these towels and get them to the wash room on wash day (or teach them to launder their own). This will cut down on bathroom floor mess and laundry.

Give an Allowance

Instead of giving an allowance for “extras,” give them an allowance for everything starting at about 12 or 13 years of age. With this money they will buy whatever they need to, include toiletries, school supplies, school clothing, savings, eating out and also movie tickets (even when going out with the family). This will teach your child more about money than anything else as they’ll be more careful about what they order and what activities they do.

Understand Essential Oil Uses

Did you know that putting lavender on a bruise will make it go away faster? What about using helichrysum oil to immediately stop bleeding? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.

Bed Accidents

This works for young children when you are trying to potty train, but can also work for older girls to prevent period accidents. Just put a puppy pad on the bed. They cost less, and they really work.

Time, Not Money

The thing children want more than anything is your time. Find ways to spend even ten minutes reading a book to them, or cuddling and watching TV, and they’ll feel super special all day long.

Make Baby Baths Easy

Use a laundry basket to bath baby. It will help them have a safer time and they can easily play with their toys too because they can’t float away too far.

Get Chores Done

Be creative about chores. Make them earn the Wi-Fi password by getting a certain thing done each day. If you have multiple children, let them draw chores for the day instead of having the same thing all the time. Also, set a time limit for chores to be completed.

Being a parent is hard work, but if you know what to do to make it more fun and more interesting and your children happier, then go for it. Is there something you have done to make your parenting job easier?

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