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I don’t think I have ever been a morning person. Even as a child I didn’t like waking up early in the morning. As I got older, I thought eventually I would learn to love the early mornings or at least be able to function like a normal person but that never happened. Then I was introduced to coffee, and even though I still don’t enjoy the early morning hours, coffee definitely helps me cope. Nowadays, I wake up with coffee on my mind. That first cup in the morning is what gets me going. Don’t try to speak to me before my first cup of coffee. Before that first cup I don’t even think I could form a complete sentence, but once I have my coffee, my body and my brain are awake and I’m ready to deal with almost anything. I’m like a whole new person!


Now that you see just how much I love my coffee and how important it is for me to have a cup every morning, I am sure you can imagine my joy when I got the chance to try the Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker and Coffee Burr Grinder. I was excited beyond words! I had never tried grinding my own coffee before but I had heard that freshly ground coffee beans make the best tasting cup of coffee. I ran out to buy a bag of coffee beans and I realized that I could probably save a pretty decent amount of money by grinding my own beans at home. That made me even more excited because who doesn’t love to save a few bucks?

The first thing I noticed when unpacking the Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker and Coffee Burr Grinder is how gorgeous they are. They are both stainless steel and black which gives them an upscale, elegant look. These definitely belong on the kitchen counter in full view, you aren’t going to want to hide them in a cabinet. The great thing is, they don’t take up a whole lot of space so you can keep them on display without them getting in the way. That’s also a big plus for me because I as much as I love gadgets, appliances and accessories, I can’t stand having any type of clutter on my countertops. The.The sleek design of the Coffee Maker and Coffee Burr Grinder make them a perfect fit.

Coffee Burr Grinders

The Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder has 17 different settings to give you the perfect grind every time you use it. Whether you are using an espresso machine, drip coffee maker, pourover brewer or French press you will be able to grind your coffee beans to the perfect consistency from very fine to coarse. The bean container can hold a half pound of coffee beans and the coffee container can hold 5 ounces of ground coffee and has a lid. It has an electronic timer, an automatic bean sensor and safety features such as an automatic stop when any of the pieces are not in place. It was so easy to use and the freshly ground coffee smelled fantastic. I can tell that my usual store bought ground coffee is not as fresh as it could be because it has never smelled this good. The grinder is also pretty quiet, definitely not loud like I anticipated it being. After using the Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder I don’t think I will ever buy ground coffee again. From now on my morning cup of coffee will be ground fresh daily.

On-the-Go Personal Coffee Makers

I brewed my freshly ground coffee in the Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker. It comes with a 16 ounce stainless steel thermal travel mug which is great for those mornings that I am on the run but I also love that it keeps my coffee from getting cold. You can also brew your coffee directly into any other mug that is up to 7 inches tall. It has a removable permanent filter so you don’t need paper filters and you can also brew soft coffee pods in it. I love that instead of brewing a whole pot of coffee, I can have my own personal cup brewed in under 4 minutes. The travel mug, filter and filter basket are all dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and when the brew cycle is over the Capresso On-the-Go Coffee Maker turns itself off automatically. Can I just tell you how much I love this machine? My regular coffee pot is up on a shelf in the cabinet and I don’t plan on seeing it unless company comes over. I will be using this little handy tool every single morning.


I am so thankful that I was able to try these products and see for myself just how amazing they are. They are affordable so you don’t need to worry about blowing your budget and they make great gifts as well, so keep that in mind for the coffee lover’s in your life. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and that I inspired you to try the Capresso On-the-Go Coffee Maker and Coffee Burr Grinder for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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