Five Apps Designed To Help Develop Children’s Learning Skills

Low App PlayAnyone with a child knows that smart devices are highly addictive. It seems as though children (especially mine) have this inbuilt antenna/radar thing that sends signals every time an iPhone or iPad is within a two metre radius, and they’ll move the earth just to get their pea-covered hands on it. Any parent would also know, that denying them such device is a futile experience. So, instead of preventing the use of technology, you can make their usage time a productive one with one of these educational apps.

Little Digits

Designed for three to six year olds, Little Digits is an entertaining app that combines finger counting with technology. Confused? Little Digits displays a series of numbers, which each one requiring your little one to place down the corresponding number of fingers onto the touch pad. It’s not just about finger counting though, there are games that start to introduce basic addition/subtraction calculations and others that require a collaborative effort from you to work together to calculate a series of mathematical concepts. Coupled with cool graphics and animations, this app puts a great twist on regular ol’ finger counting.

Dexteria – Fine Motor Skill Development

Many occupational therapists have praised Dexteria for helping young children or kids with special needs develop their fine motor skills. Recommended for use in short periods of time, this app stresses that it’s three therapeutic modes – writing, tapping and pinching – are designed to be exercises to improve finger dexterity, hand strength, and finger control. The inbuilt tracking system is just one of the valuable features for parents and teachers that tracks your child’s performance when using the app.


Foster your child’s inner artist and writer while teaching them key storytelling concepts with the Toontastic app. Promoting creativity from a young age, Toontastic allows the little ones to bring their story to life through drawing and animating their own cartoons to then share with family and friends. We all know that kids are naturally full of wild ideas, so why not let them project that energy and spark their imagination into a world full of virtual pirates, princesses, and far away galaxies.

The Opposites

More than just a pairing game, The Opposites challenges children to understand the concept of word context and how words they use in day-to-day life oppose other words. Consisting of ten different levels, ranging from easy to difficult; this app spits out a series of words which then need to be paired with the corresponding antonym. Also offering an inbuilt dictionary, your child can learn the definition of the words they have just paired in a kid-friendly context.

Aesop’s Quest

To put a fun spin on developing your child’s reading comprehension and cognitive reading skills, why not send them on a riveting journey to complete the story in Aesop’s Quest. Young readers must follow the clues and remember important parts of the Aesop’s tale to help him progress through to the next level. Each completed level is rewarded with a puzzle piece, and once the puzzle is solved, your child can continue on to the next story in the series.

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Do you have an educational learning app you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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