Tips on How to Fight the Glare of Oily Skin during Summer Months

While you are using sunglasses to fight the glare of the sun, remember to wear sunscreen on your face to fight the glare of that oily shine. Just because you are spending more time in the sun does not mean that your face will be tighter and drier. Sometimes not being hydrated enough and using the wrong products on your face will have opposite results. You may wind up with shiny, oily skin when you were hoping for that sun-kissed glow.

What to Wear on Your Face

A great way to reduce the negative effects of the sun on your face is wear an appropriate sunscreen with moisturizer in lieu of your usual moisturizer. By wearing your usual moisturizer and then adding sunscreen, you may be adding too much moisture.

Adding too much moisture tends to clog pores, give the appearance of greasy, oily skin, and cause acne breakouts as well. Before summertime hits, do a little research, shop the stores, and ask for samples. Try a few products to see if your skin is sensitive to them and find one that you like.

Putting a sunscreen on your face that contains moisturizer not only saves you from oily skin, it also saves some money – and a little bit of time.

Also, see if you can forego covering your entire face with foundation, instead opting for a little bit of cover-up that has a nice glowing tint.

What You Put inside Your Body

Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that will hydrate your skin. Fruits and vegetables that come out in the summer typically are already the more hydrating kind:

* Watermelon
* Cantaloupe
* Honeydew Melon
* Different types of lettuce
* Cucumbers
* Zucchini
* Blueberries, Raspberries, grapes

Equally as important as fruits and vegetables is the need for proper hydration. Hydration can come in the form of water, plain and simple. However, if you are not a big fan, there are so many creative alternatives to just plain old water.

* Water with lemon or lime
* Home-brewed iced tea – either regular or green tea
* Good old-fashioned lemonade
* Fruit smoothies using all of summer’s fresh fruits and vegetables

Paying attention to what you put on your face and what you put inside your body in the form of fruits, vegetables, and hydrating fluids will be sure to keep that oily, greasy, too-much-sunscreen look off your face.

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