Family Travel: Exploring Maui with Kids

Family Travel: Exploring Maui with Kids

Heading to Maui for a vacation with the kids is all about time spent on the beach. The family soaking up as much sunshine and warmth as possible. Resorts are great about keeping everyone active, entertained and taken care of, but sometimes we just need to get away and do a little exploring on your own. When it comes to traveling with children, there is always something new to discover and in Hawaii. Any trip off the resort beats the children’s planned activity for the day.

If you have had enough of the beach for one day, but still want a little adventure or cultural fun, try any one of these activities when exploring Maui with kids.


If you want something a little different than the traditional Polynesian dance ceremony that your hotel has undoubtedly been promoting, try Ulalena. This exciting dance theatrical reminds tourists of Cirque Du Soleil performances. It includes special effects and breathtaking moves that have everyone on the edge of their seats. The troupe tells about Hawaiian history in a unique new way. All while still sharing the cultural dances, legends and traditions of Hawaiians with families. The kids will be talking about this stunning performance for days.

Family Travel: Exploring Maui with Kids

Boating Adventures

Even though the kids have spent the majority of the time on the beach and in the water, it’s different when you are out on the water. Boating and sailing are two great ways to see Hawaii from a different perspective. Just think a Hawaiians’ life is all about the time spent on the water. For a unique experience, try one of the best rated boating adventures, where families can explore the marine life underwater.

Some kids are scared of snorkeling, or are not as strong swimmers, so rather than missing out on life in the water, book a trip with Atlantis Adventures. This window lined submarine takes kids into the deep blue for an hour long ride. Here they can view a shipwreck, reef environments and Hawaiian marine life. It is a truly cool, one of a kind experience.

Family Travel: Exploring Maui with Kids

Treasure Hunt Adventures

Kids in a tropical beach destination and treasure go together so well. To get the family burning off energy, the chance to explore the natural areas of Maui and entertain family member of all ages, try one of the Savanna Hawaii Treasure Hunt hiking tours. Armed with a guide and a treasure map, families are led through the hiking trails of Maui. Along the journey you will find hidden beaches and beautiful forests in order to hunt for treasure. This hunt requires participation from everyone in the family. A real teamwork effort. Each member gets to use code breaking skills and should be prepared to dive in headfirst to complete challenges. Each one you reveal will give you the next clue to claim your treasure.

Family Travel: Exploring Maui with Kids
Sugar Cane Train Holiday Express

Ride the Historic Sugar Train

Most children love the idea of taking a train ride. I know my family does. There is the opportunity to ride a historic train that caters to children and families while sharing part of the history of Hawaii’s  agricultural roots with you. The Sugar Cane Train takes you along some of the most beautiful views of Maui. It follows the root the conductor would have followed to bring the sugar cane harvest from the farm fields to the water for transporting. The train is open air so you really have an all angles view of the landscape and the sea. This allows you to see without worry about children wanting to hop from window to window.

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve had a vacation. It would be so amazing to visit to Maui. I would love to go someday with my children and grandchildren. The submarine ride and treasure hunt sound like so much fun! The kids would have a blast on the train ride too!

  2. Maui is so beautiful! The island looks like solid family vacation spot for my family, with boating, treasure hunt adventures, and snorkeling!

  3. We love Maui. We were blessed to go last year with our kids. We purposefully took it slow – adapting to the slower island life, it was glorious and low stress. We whale watched but our favorite time was just exploring all the beautiful beaches and snorkeling at each one. We can not wait to go back, but with a family of 5 we have a lot of saving $ to do!

  4. There’s some great ideas in here. The Ulalena sounds really good as an alternative to the usual Luau – which we enjoyed the entertainment but neither my husband or daughter liked the food.

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