What to Do When Elderly Parents Need Your Help

What to Do When Elderly Parents Need Your Help

Realizing your parents need a little more help than they used can be a difficult process. Although it’s to be expected, it always comes as a shock when you realize your parents aren’t infallible. Furthermore, finding the right way to provide practical and emotional support can be difficult.

Although some seniors are happy to accept assistance, others aren’t. If your parent is reluctant to acknowledge their need for help, it can be tricky to overcome their protestations. However, there are ways to ensure your parents have the support they need in their advancing years.

If you want to ensure you’re offering the right assistance, take a look at these top tips for what to do when elderly parents need your help…

Understand their needs

Take a comprehensive view of your parent’s needs and determine whether they’re being met. From meal preparation and social isolation to mobility and medical treatment; are they enjoying their quality of life? 

If the answer is no, then it’s time to take action. Once you have identified your parent’s individual needs, it’s easier to formulate a plan and have the right support in place. 

Consider your own lifestyle

Although you may be eager to provide support to your elderly parents, look at what’s realistic. If you work full-time and have young children to care for, you may not be around to offer practical support as and when it’s needed. 

By acknowledging your own needs, you can ensure that alternative help is on hand. Some people struggle with feelings of guilt when they’re unable to provide care for a parent, but this isn’t deserved. By taking a pro-active approach and accepting your own limitations, you can ensure your parents get the help they need and deserve.

What to Do When Elderly Parents Need Your Help

Find the right support

There are plenty of options available when it comes to finding support for seniors. From live-in nursing homes and residential communities to help with shopping and transport; you can tap into a range of services. 

Of course, you’ll want to vet the companies and agencies you choose to hire. Rosenfeld nursing home abuse lawyers often work with families who are disappointed with the level of care their loved one has received. By researching the firms who will be offering support to your parents, you can ensure that they receive a consistently good level of care. 

Make a financial plan

Accessing support for seniors can be costly, so it’s good to have a financial plan in place. If your parent owns their home, they may be keen to sell it and alleviate the burden of maintaining it, for example. Alternatively, they may have insurance policies or savings in place to cover the cost of additional support. 

Supporting Aging Parents

When you’re planning how to support elderly parents, try to involve them in the process as much as possible. They will have their own ideas about what type of care they would like, so try to honor their wishes as much as possible. By taking a joint approach, you can create a support plan they’re happy to engage with and give them the practical and emotional assistance they require

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