Dumbo Celebration ~ Day 1 Fun Recipes

Join us all this week as we celebrate DUMBO and the release of the 70th Anniversary Edition of the original film.

In anticipation of Disney’s September 20th release of DUMBO as a 2-Disc Blu-ray Hi-Def & DVD Combo Pack in celebration of the 70th Anniversary, we present fun recipes your whole family will enjoy.

These kid-friendly recipes feature fun afternoon snacks that you will just have to share. Bon Appetite!

Download Printable Activities!

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  1. Dumbo is one of Disney’s best classic films.
    I love the morals that Disney’s film’s have!!
    Like in Dumbo, he felt different and unliked, because of the size of his ears! This story has lasted 70 years! This is remarkable and should be celebrated. I pinned your fun recipes. Thank you for the printables also.

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