5 DIY Options for Crafty Brides

5 DIY Options for Crafty Brides

Not all weddings have to be formal, as many crafty brides want to add personal touches to their wedding day. Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects aren’t typically associated with traditional wedding planning, but there are many DIY opportunities for a bride to take her wedding to the next level. Once the bigger planning tasks are out of the way, a bride can use her crafty side to transform the wedding ceremony and reception through DIY projects. 

Save Money with DIY Projects

More often than not, weddings are quite an expensive event, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. If a bride creates some DIY projects, this saves a bit of money that could stay in a savings account, go towards other aspects of the wedding day, or be used on the honeymoon. 

DIY projects also offer a fun experience for the bridal party. You can get together to have some drinks and get crafting. This saves money and allows for bonding time before the big day. There are several aspects of the wedding you can DIY.

1. Bouquets

Arranging bouquets for the wedding day can save quite a bit of money, as professional bouquets can range from $15 to $250 per person. Not only does it save money, but it offers personal touches to each bouquet. One fun wedding party activity would be to have all the bridesmaids make their own bouquets.

There are many options when it comes to arranging bouquets. One easy option is to find local flowers at a flower market. The bride and bridesmaids have the option to mix and match with different greenery and leaves. The bride can then wrap the flowers with flower tape, ribbon, silk, or string for added detail. 

2. Batch Cocktails

A great way to provide the wedding guests with a unique experience is to create a drink station with a big batch of cocktail options. The bride can use cocktail jugs or mason jars on ice as an easy way for guests to serve themselves and avoid a line at the bar. 

There are many cocktail recipes out there, but a universal favorite would be a lemon drop champagne punch. All it takes is some lemon, champagne, sugar, vodka, and candied lemons for an added kick. If citrus drinks aren’t popular with the guests, there’s always the option to leave out spirits, mixers and fruit, so that guests can make their own. 

3. Chalkboard Signs

Signage is probably an afterthought for most wedding days, but it’s certainly a nifty detail that can add a personal touch to the big day. Brides can use chalkboard signs to explain the menu or welcome guests to the venue. There are several fun ways to dress up the sign to match the wedding. 

For example, brides could add some fairy lights or an ornate frame with gold and silver. Or, the bride could use different colored chalk to really make it pop. Brides can also write a timeline sign and a couples’ moments sign to give an intimate look inside the bride and groom’s love story.

4. Personalize Your Dress

Wedding dresses are definitely the stars of the show and should be chosen carefully. Even though the perfect dress shouldn’t need any embellishments, adding a sentimental pin or piece of jewelry to the look can offer a meaningful touch. 

Brides may have heard some people say, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” This tradition derives from an Old English rhyme that was used to ward off the Evil Eye. However, this rhyme is a good way to incorporate something old, new, borrowed, or blue to personalize a bride’s dress.

5. Backdrop

A backdrop is a fun DIY project for a bride to use her artistic abilities. A backdrop can add personality to a wedding venue, but also look great in photos. A bride can either create a backdrop from scratch with yarn, ribbon, flowers, or outside greenery. She could also use large pieces of different patterned materials, like cotton fabric, wool, and silk, to create a backdrop that runs with the theme of the wedding. 

DIY Projects are Worth It 

Whether the bride wants to make her backdrop or arrange several bouquets, DIY wedding projects are worth it. Crafting a few things before the wedding is a great way to personalize the venue and ceremony while saving money. A bride can even choose to personalize her dress for added specialty. 

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