Disney Princesses For Me, Jedi For Them

Disney Atrium

Disney really does have everything together for kids, don’t they?  It’s not just fairy tales and princesses anymore.  They’ve been joined by 3D animation with Pixar, superheroes with Marvel, and the Star Wars universe.  That makes the geek mom in me very happy, but I still love the classics.

Disney Atrium
Beauty and the Beast inspired Atrium Lobby on Disney Dream | Image courtesy of Bhaskar Peddhapati

I was a bookworm growing up, so I was all about Beauty and the Beast.  Belle was a brunette bookworm with long hair.  Perfect for me!  I wore out a VHS as a kid watching it and rewinding to sing along with the songs again.

I only have sons, no daughters to share that yellow dress dress-up time with, but that didn’t stop me from watching the movie with them and singing “Tale as old as tiiiime!  Song as old as rhyyyyyyme!” loud enough for the neighbors to hear.  There’s something magical about Disney movies.  They stick with you forever.

I wonder if little girls now will someday be singing “Let It Go” to their children the way we sing Disney classics to our children?

We are planning a trip to Disney in a few years, once the youngest is tall enough for more rides, and we’re all excited.  I can’t wait to see the classics-inspired areas and Disney Downtown.  Because shopping.  My sons are looking forward to learning to use the force at the Disney Jedi Academy.  I’m just hoping I can trust them to “use the force” rather than just kicking Darth Vader in the shins.  Because Boys.

Tell me, what’s your favorite part of Disney?

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