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25 DIY Gifts For Women

Every year we struggle to come up with a unique gift for that woman in our life that seems to have everything. This list of 25 DIY Gifts For Women is perfect for any woman on your list. Not only do you have fun pretty things like infinity scarf, wine bottle holders and coasters, but […]

Just in time for the holidays: Pachy Deodorants, Skora Scrub, Bath Salts & Visa Giveaway

Have you ever struggled with finding a deodorant that worked well to prevent body odor?  Some individuals struggle regularly with body odor because their body chemistry just doesn’t work well with traditional brands of antiperspirant or deodorant.  This was the case for Pachy creator Kasia, and thus this great new way to deodorize was developed. […]

A Daytime Glam-Mom Look

When I first moved to our new neighborhood, there was something very strange.  There was a sea of stay at home moms and not a pair of yoga pants in sight.  And they were wearing makeup.  I had found my people! It’s very common in my area for women to put on at least a […]