Totino’s Box Tops for Education #GetInvolved #myblogspark #Giveaway

I grew up on Totino’s pizzas and in fact I cannot even remember a time opening our standup freezer and not seeing one in there. I think the reason then is the same reason I buy them now, quality and price. Seriously I usually find the Totino’s Party Pizza for $1.25 at my local grocer […]

7-Year-Old CreateSpace Author Raises Money for Seizure Dogs #getinvolved

Artists and crusaders come in all shapes and sizes — and ages, it appears. Seven-year-old Evan Moss is both. Already an accomplished author on the CreateSpace self-publishing platform with his book, “My Seizure Dog,” Evan’s cause was himself. He and his family needed to raise money to purchase a specially-trained dog from the non-profit 4 […]

Gold Medal White Whole Wheat Flour Review & #myblogspark #Giveaway

Adding Whole Grains to my family’s diet became very imporant over that last year after I look a good long look at our unhealthy eating habits and decided to make a lasting change. There are a lot companies and products that have made the switch to whole grain ingredients. The one that we use at […]

miYim Simply Organic Plush Toys makes their way into our hearts with The Cat in The Hat #Giveaway

Once Elliot was out of the baby stage, I was on the hunt for a collection that went along with his serious but silly personality. What I found was a perfect fit, Dr Seuss. Anyone who has wandered though on of their books, knows that it is as whimsical as meaningful in the end. So as I began buying […]

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