The one cereal my family can agree on! Kix Cereal #Giveaway #myblogspark

Kix Cereal is proud to say they are still kid-tested, mother-approved®. This go-to favorite is made with whole grain corn and is an excellent source of iron. It also is a good source of calcium, fiber, and Vitamins C and D, providing your family a wholesome breakfast with nutrients they need to grow. With slightly […]

Hunger fighting breakfast cereal with Sweet Spunk! Fiber One 80 Calories #Giveaway #myblogspark

The wait is over – brand new Fiber One 80 Calories cereal is on store shelves now! Each crunchy wheat and corn puff square in every bowl of Fiber One 80 Calories cereal has a light honey flavor – a delicious way to start your day. Fiber helps satisfy your hunger and helps you feel […]

Windows Phone Helps Parents Get Organized This School Year! #Giveaway

As a busy parent, you know what the back to school season brings. Keeping track of your kid’s schedules as well as your own is a tiresome task on any day. Now add in multiple trips to the local bookstore to pick up last minute summer reads, fighting the lines at the school supplies store, […]

Windows Phone 7 is making the smartphone future a little brighter and user friendly

Over the last few years Smart phones have become the must have mobile device for millions of people. The the growth in the Smart phone market the devices available to chose from have grown as well. The first smart phones were mainly targeted towards business users and had very little value to an average consumer. […]

Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band N Router Review & #Giveaway

The Linksys E4200 Wireless Dual Band Router sets the bar high for other wireless routers. The E4200 has the most stylish design I have ever seen in a unit of its kind. Unlike our previous wireless routers units which tend to have 1, 2 or even 3 antennas sticking out, the Linksys E4200 is just […]

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