Fashionista Shop Ktcollection for a unique selection of jewelry + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

One of the things I look for when buying jewelry is the uniqueness of the piece. I just don’t want to be like everyone else and wear a basic pair of hoops or studs or a solid chain around my neck. I see that and more when shopping Ktcollection. They offer a wonderful variety of […]

Fashionista MiracleBody Signature Denim Jeggings Review + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

My obsession with MiracleBody Jeans started last year with a Katie MiracleBody Jeans review. I feel head over heels for the way they looked on my body. Now I have added their Signature Denim Jeggings to my must have for fall list and wish I could own a half a dozen pairs with only one […]

Fashionista Jedidiah Women’s Hawk Silver T-Shirt Review + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

It always amazing when you can find a company that produces rockin’ fashion goods with strong moral value. I did that when I stumbled upon Jedidiah and their Women’s Hawk Silver T-Shirt. The Women’s Hawk Silver T-Shirt is a soft, form-fitting t-shirt. It hugs you in all the right spots and offers a light weight […]

I am hosting a Judy Moody Themed Slumber Party! #JudyMoodySleepover

Soon my home will be filled with the giggles of 10 young ladies awaiting for an evening full of Judy Moody Slumber Party fun. My daughters are just now starting to read the series of fun loving adventures that Judy Moody finds herself involved in and they are enjoying every reading minute they can. Here […]

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