Fashionista Nicole Lee Handbag Review + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

I am a sucker for a barrel bag. Just something about the shape make me get all starry-eyed. So you can image how I lite up when my Nicole Lee Candace EM1899 arrived. I was in handbag heaven for several moments. Then I got all professional for several moments and went to work trying out […]

Fashionista Shop Ktcollection for a unique selection of jewelry + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

One of the things I look for when buying jewelry is the uniqueness of the piece. I just don’t want to be like everyone else and wear a basic pair of hoops or studs or a solid chain around my neck. I see that and more when shopping Ktcollection. They offer a wonderful variety of […]

Fashionista MiracleBody Signature Denim Jeggings Review + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

My obsession with MiracleBody Jeans started last year with a Katie MiracleBody Jeans review. I feel head over heels for the way they looked on my body. Now I have added their Signature Denim Jeggings to my must have for fall list and wish I could own a half a dozen pairs with only one […]

Fashionista Jedidiah Women’s Hawk Silver T-Shirt Review + #Fashionistagiveaway Coming Soon

It always amazing when you can find a company that produces rockin’ fashion goods with strong moral value. I did that when I stumbled upon Jedidiah and their Women’s Hawk Silver T-Shirt. The Women’s Hawk Silver T-Shirt is a soft, form-fitting t-shirt. It hugs you in all the right spots and offers a light weight […]

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