4 Birthday Party Ideas Your Pre-Schooler Will Love

4 Birthday Party Ideas Your Pre-Schooler Will Love

It seems like only yesterday you were bringing your new baby home from the hospital, and now you have a rambunctious pre-schooler who’s about to turn 4! Where did the time go? It’s around this milestone that most parents branch out into the world of kids parties; they have a little group of friends from pre-school, they’re old enough to know what’s going on and old enough to understand that this is their special day and it’s all just for them. You’ll find a range of great toys for a 4-year-old boy here, just click the link. 

But if you’ve never thrown a kids birthday party before where do you start? Should you choose a theme? What about entertainment? If you’re looking for a little guidance, read on for 4 birthday party ideas that your pre-schooler will love.

Dinosaur Theme

If your little pre-schooler is into all things pre-historic then consider a super cool dinosaur party theme! Choose a bright, contrasting colour scheme like green with purple spots or orange and pink zig-zags and decorate your home or venue with plenty of dino decorations! Themed cups, plates, a spotty table cloth, balloons, you could even leave all your kid’s toy dinosaurs out for a change! Adapt some simple party games into dino-themed fun. Switch pin the tail on the donkey for pin the tail on the dinosaur or swap a scavenger hunt for a dinosaur egg hunt instead!

Pink Party

If pink is your pre-schoolers favourite colour then they’ll love a pink party! Throwing a pink party is so simple, yet super effective. You can easily pick up pink coloured decorations and tableware, you can serve primarily pink food and drinks – add a little food colouring if you’re feeling a little daring! Ask little guests to arrive in their favourite pink outfits or accessories and dedicate everything from the party favours and sweets to their favourite colour! 


Do you have a budding Picasso at home? Kids love nothing better than getting their hands all messy – especially when there’s paint and glitter involved! You may want to protect your home furnishings as much as possible here or taking the party outside is probably preferable. Make sure guests arrive in clothes they don’t mind getting a little messy and let their creativity flow! You can provide them with a tray of paints each and a small canvas, little sponges, or even create a foot/handprint picture with everyone, so your birthday boy/girl can keep it as a memento. Anything the guests make can be taken home as part of their party bag. 

Sporty Party

Pre-schoolers are usually bundles of energy, so rather than having them running around your coffee table, take the party outside with a sporty party theme. You can set up an obstacle course, an area for a penalty shootout, bat and ball areas, hula hoops, skipping and climbing. You can create little races or competitions and give out medals for everyone trying their best!  

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