Best Winter Ski Resorts For Families

Best Winter Ski Resorts For Families

Many families head out during winter school break for a great getaway at their favorite ski resort. This is a great family experience and fun way to escape the mayhem of the holidays. Here are our picks for the Best Winter Ski Resorts For Families. Not only are these resorts great for families, they are located in areas that offer tons of amenities to make it a full family vacation everyone will love.

Trapp Family Lodge In Stowe, Vermont

Inspired by the Trapp Family of the infamous Sound of Music, this lodge is a place that takes you back in time to simpler things. Don’t fret, it still has all the modern amenities you love. This Austrian village style resort brings fun, food, activities and family friendly environment that you and your family will love.

Golden Mountain Lodge In Park City, Utah

This new resort location has all the amenities you want for a fun family vacation. A great ski school for all ages, a fun roller coaster for the kids, and of course tons of great game options, food at the lodge and kids activities make it a must visit destination.

Best Winter Ski Resorts For Families

Beaver Creek Resort In Beaver, Colorado

This great family ski resort is perfect for your kids. Enjoy great snacks and hot cocoa, fun sleigh rides, ski activities for all ages, music in the lodge and more. The area around the resort provides the perfect picturesque location to take great family photos, or to simply enjoy a romantic sunset with your spouse.

Northstar California Resort In Lake Tahoe, California

Enjoy this amazing resort atmosphere with incredible skiing, but don’t miss out on the snow tubing, fun moonlight snow shoe tours and even a bungee trampoline event. Everyone in the family will find something they will enjoy at this fun winter resort.

When you think about planning a fun winter vacation for your family, keep these winter ski resorts for families in mind. Not only are they all inclusive with events and entertainment, they will bring you and your family together in a fun new way during the all too busy holiday season.

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  1. I have never been to any of these. We usually got to the Poconos. The Great Wolf lodge is great there.

  2. I would like to go to the Trapp Family Lodge or to our local Wintergreen Ski Resort here in Virginia.

  3. My mom lives in lake tahoe so this would be cool to go skiing over there and visit here. she tells me she goes skiing all the time

  4. If I had to choose from this list, I would like to go to Beaver Creek Resort In Beaver, Colorado. If I could choose any resort, I’d go to Big Sky in Big Sky, Montana.

  5. I would love to visit Northstar California Resort In Lake Tahoe, California most of all because I live in California and I wouldn’t have to travel too far to go there. I haven’t been to Lake Tahoe since moving here so it would be such an amazing adventure to be able to go. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I would love to visit Whistler in British Columbia this year! Happy New Year and all the best to you and your beautiful family.

  7. Ive never been skiing so any where that I would get to try it out and not be super crazy would be wonderful

  8. Red Mountain Spa in Utah is nice. Our reg one we go to up here in Canada is Table Mountain. The school takes the kids and thats where we heard about it

  9. I’d like to visit the Northstar California Resort in Lake Tahoe, California because of the snow shoe tours.

  10. I would love to visit Beaver Creek Resort In Beaver, Colorado. My son is stationed near there so it would be awesome!

  11. Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado. I’ve actually been to this resort before and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  12. I’d like to go back to Stowe, VT. It’s a very nice place. I don’t remember the year we went, but it was around Christmas time when we were there.

  13. I’d love to visit some ski lodges in Vermont! We always go in the summer but haven’t been in the winter yet!

  14. I’d love to visit Beaver Creek Resort In Beaver, Colorado. My nephew lives in Colorado so it would be nice to see him and maybe meet up to ski!

  15. Lake Tahoe because of the beauty. Did not know it was on the Cali side. Would Love to visit one day!

  16. I would love to stay at the Trapp Family Lodge! I have toured the property but have never stayed there! The views are awesome!

  17. I have no idea because I’ve never been to one. I’d like something in Breckenridge, Colorado though.

  18. I would go to Beaver Creek Resort In Beaver, Colorado! I’ve heard so many great things about this resort and I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado.

  19. I would love to go to Moonlight Basin in Montana. My cousin is an avid skier and said it was awesome!!

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