Best Ways To Store Fresh Herbs

Summer months often mean many more fresh herbs in our homes as we break out the gardens, container gardens and head out to farmers markets.  Unfortunately, fresh herbs can wilt and go bad quickly so here are some of the Best Ways To Store Fresh Herbs to make sure they won’t go to waste.  These are perfect for when you have just a little too much from your recent farmers market trip, or excellent for when you have an abundance of any particular kind from your own garden.

Best Ways To Store Fresh Herbs


Store Fresh Herbs In Water.  If you plan on using the herbs within a week, the best method of storage is to trim them and place in a small jar with a little water in the bottom.  Refrain from rinsing the herbs until you are ready to use them to avoid extra wilting.  Change the water out every 3-4 days to keep the herbs fresh for up to two weeks. This method is best for herbs that are softer like Basil, Parsley, Tarragon and Cilantro.

Wrap In A Damp Paper Towel And Plastic Wrap.  For your woodier stemmed and heartier herbs like Rosemary and Thyme, the best storage method is to simply wrap them in a slightly dampened paper towel that is then wrapped in plastic wrap.  Change out paper towels every 4-5 days for best results.  This method will keep herbs fresh for up to two weeks.

Dehydrate For Future Use.  While it is always best to use them immediately for optimum flavor, if you have an excess of herbs dehydration is a great way to store for the future.  Using a dehydrator is simple and cost effective, but you can also place on a parchment lined baking sheet and place in oven for 2-4 hours on lowest setting (140-160 degrees).  Rotate every half hour for best results.

Freeze Your Extra Herbs.  When all else fails you can go with this easy method that allows you to grab and drop into soups, stews and sauces quickly in the future.  This works best for the softer herbs like Basil, Parsley, Tarragon, Cilantro and similar.  Rinse herbs well and pat dry with a paper towel.  Remove longer stems, then chop herbs until fine.  Spoon into ice cube trays and gently top with water.  Freeze for 24 hours then pop herb cubes out of ice cube trays and place in freezer bags that have been labeled and dated.  In the future you only need to grab 1-2 cubes and toss into your sauce, etc. for great flavor.

No matter what method you choose to store your herbs for now or future use, you’ll love the great bright flavors they add to your every day meals.  These best ways to store fresh herbs are all so very simple anyone can do them.  Make sure to take advantage of all the great deals in your local grocery store, farmers market and more on fresh herbs this season.

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