What to Know to Throw a Beach Wedding

What to Know to Throw a Beach Wedding

For all its beauty, a wedding on the beach does take some careful planning. You’ll have different things to consider, from the weather to accessibility to permits. Throwing a successful beachfront wedding doesn’t have to be a year-long stress-inducing planning marathon.

Weather Conditions

If your ideal beach wedding is located on the sand by the water, where does your proposed wedding date fit in? Does your date fall within the rainy season of your area? What about during hurricane season? June may be the most popular season to marry, but June on a beach can get hot, fast.

If you choose to beach it up on your wedding day, you’ll need to ensure plenty of shade for your guests and your wedding party, if tents are allowed. Keep cool drinks and sunscreen on-hand, so no one wilts in the heat. Or, opt to hold your wedding earlier or later in the day to beat the heat. Still, you need a backup plan. If thunderstorms set in or a tropical storm is on the move, you’ll need a Plan B location.

Guest Size

Even though a beach can fit everyone on your guest list, public and private beaches set rules pertaining to the size of a party — and that includes your wedding. You may need a permit, and there may be additional restrictions concerning the length of time you can use the beach for your event, or extra fees once you exceed so many guests.

Some sites have restrictions regarding commercial and non-commercial weddings. Weddings with paid services, like a photographer, are considered a commercial wedding. A ceremony permit for a June wedding from the City of Miami, Florida runs $125 for up to 150 people (but jumps to $250 with less than 14 days notice), while a Los Angeles County beach permit runs $250 with a $185 alcohol fee, for parties of at least 50 people. Permits may have set approval dates, like three weeks before your event, so get your requests in early.

Outdoor Décor

Not every beach allows décor. The same goes for tables, chairs, arches, and chuppahs. Some beaches offer reduced restrictions, like chairs, after prime beach time. Weddings without any extras are often allowed at any time, so check with local authorities.

While a private beach may be more lenient, you still might require liability insurance. If something should happen while your guests are celebrating on the beachfront, you’ll be protected. But, at least you’ll have your flowers and somewhere for your guests to sit.

Wedding Invitations

Since a beach wedding has a lot of moving parts, you’ll need to send wedding invitations letting guests know what’s ahead. Guests will know to leave the stiletto heels at home for this one and to pack the sunscreen. Your wedding invitations are the perfect place to include those helpful tidbits.

After all, your wedding invitations set the tone for your big day. Minted wedding invitations can be as breezy and casual or elegant as you want. With heaps of customization, from color to paper to shape, and plenty of beach-complementing styles to choose from, your guests will have an easier time preparing for your wedding.

The Ideal Beachfront Wedding

You can have the beach wedding of your dreams. All it takes is a little planning. Jot down the beaches you love the most, compare regulations, and apply for a permit so you can have the gorgeous beach wedding you’ve always wanted.

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  1. I may not use this idea for a wedding but maybe for a happy reunion by the beach of friends and acquaintances like the CEO’s of big companies. They’ll pay. It’s nice to dream. They give so much to so many but they forget my ideas.

  2. Good to know for throwing a beach wedding. I’m engaged and I would love to have a beach wedding, or a wedding by a waterfall.

  3. A beach wedding is a beautiful idea in theory but reality for most I think is it would be very expensive for guests to come. I would love a small intimate wedding.

  4. Not my idea for a fun wedding. Too much sand everywhere. These are good tips for those who want one.

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