Baby Shower – An Emotional Moment for a Would-Be-Mom

Baby Shower - An Emotional Moment for a Would-Be-Mom

Pregnancy is one of the most exquisite phases in a woman’s life. However, it is like a roller-coaster of emotions for a pregnant woman. Not just emotionally, but a would-be-mother undergoes tremendous physical changes as well. Although every woman feels blessed throughout this journey towards motherhood, they still need some pampering and extra care every now and then. Baby showers are almost an integral part of every would-be-mommy’s life. It serves impeccably in boosting her morale and making her feel loved and pampered.

Baby shower parties: What’s the buzz all about?

A mommy-to-be carries her baby all through nine long months. One cannot even realize how difficult the phase is for a to-be-mum. She suffers emotionally and undergoes severe physical changes. Everything alters, from her food habit to clothing. Let alone the endless pills and tablets that she needs to pop in every day. A baby shower event serves as a fresh breeze of air for an expectant mommy. After a long time, she gets a reason to deck up and look adorable. All her closest friends and families come together to make her feel loved and happy. She is flooded with gifts and blessings. This is a much-needed break which she needs to remind herself that the journey towards motherhood is not just full of difficulties. Rather, one can cherish all the good moments for the rest of her life. 

Loads of gifts and advice from experienced mommies

Baby Shower - An Emotional Moment for a Would-Be-Mom

All the guests who join in celebrating this special day with the would-be-mum, not just participate in the frolics, rather they bring in loads of gifts for the mommy and her would-be-baby. These gifts come quite handy for the expectant mother. The experienced couples already know what worked best for them, and hence they come up with something meaningful and cute. Not just gifts, the ladies brigade shower the mum with effective words of advice, thereby enhancing her knowledge. 

How is a baby shower event celebrated?

Baby shower party favors

Modern-day celebrations have come a long way and differ sharply from traditional celebrations. Nowadays, such shower parties are all about fun and pampering for the soon-to-be-mum. Either her spouse or bestie, or sister throws a party where everyone celebrates together. 

Generally, such a party is organized with a proper theme. The theme is decided, keeping in mind the nature and personality of the mother. The Mommy-to-be, as well as all the guests, follow a particular dress code that matches the theme. Fun-filled games are also played, which keep all the guests hooked for a long time.

The host hands out meaningful tokens of gratitude and thankfulness to the guests who have taken time out from their busy schedules to be with the would-be mother. There are so many pretty and cute gift ideas that can impress the guests easily. Baby shower party favors such as scented candles, fragrant soaps, and silver mint jars are quite popular. For more such Baby shower favor ideas visit

Why does every mum-to-be deserve a baby shower event?

  • Simply because she is the future mommy and deserves all the happiness around.
  • It is about all the people around who love her and care for her with the whole of their hearts.
  • Such events are full of fun and bring on lots of happiness, entertainment, and positivity.
  • These moments will stay with the mother for the rest of her life. 
  • She will get lots of advice and information which can help her in upbringing the child in the future.
  • There will be so many photographs and videos that you can later watch and relive the moments again.

The journey towards motherhood is a phase that a woman never forgets in her life. However, she may undergo severe insecurities because of hair loss, excessive body weight, stretch marks on the body, and so on. It is our duty to make her feel special on those days. If your bestie or sister is expecting, plan a memorable party for her and her baby. She will definitely cherish all these moments for the rest of her life.

An Emotional Moment for a Would-Be-Mom
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