How to Pair Art Deco Jewelry with Modern Trends

How to Pair Art Deco Jewelry with Modern Trends

There’s something special about the Art Deco period, sometimes referred to as the Jazz Age. Despite being more than 100 years ago, its many styles and design choices have been relevant for the last century, and continue to be emulated today.

If you’re lucky enough to own some genuine Art Deco jewelry then you know how hypnotically beautiful it is. Wondering how to pair Art Deco jewelry with modern trends? Whether you own the genuine article, you’re searching for a piece of your own, or you have something that mirrors the Art Deco design style, this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.

Statement Pieces – Geometric Fashion

It’s difficult to describe any one piece of Art Deco jewelry as a statement piece, as it seems more like a statement era with hindsight. However, there certainly were some oversized luxuries that would perfectly suit the modern style of geometric fashion.

A bold geometric dress with an Art Deco cocktail ring on the hand creates a formidable outfit that’s not to ignored. Cocktail rings from the Art Deco period were large and in charge, usually with lots of diamonds and heaps of sparkle. Art Deco brooches are also statement pieces in their own right, often coming in a huge range of sizes. A large brooch at the collar of a geometric shirt anchors the look, creating a single focal point of dazzling shine for the geometry to dance around.

Diamonds Galore – Minimalism

Minimalism has affected every part of style and design in the last few years. Whether for better or worse, the clean lines and neutral colours palettes are here to stay, at least for now, and it is past time we welcome them with open arms. The glitz and glam of the Jazz Age seem in total contrast with the understated mission statement of minimalist style; but with great contrast comes great style.

The fact that many pieces from the Art Deco period are entirely encrusted in diamonds actually compliments the restraint and peacefulness of minimalist fashion. Wearing a single piece of jewelry – minimalism – like an Art Deco diamond bar brooch or a slimline diamond pendant is the perfect way of utilizing jewelry you may have inherited whilst staying true to the minimalist icon you’ve always wanted to be.

How to Pair Art Deco Jewelry with Modern Trends

Duette Brooches – Gender-Neutral Fashion

There were a lot of jewellery innovations in the Art Deco period, and one that has since been wrongly forgotten is the duette brooch. Sometimes called duette clips, these were brooches that could be worn as one, large brooch, or split apart into two symmetrical brooches.

Today, this design – if you are lucky enough to find it – looks fantastic on the points of shirt collars and blazers. Gender-neutral clothing like oversized blazers are all the rage this year, and adding a touch of sparkle elevates the entire look, whether you’re male or female being completely irrelevant. These clips were also often used on hats and in hairstyles, so feel free to get create with your ‘90s bucket hat and dress it up for an evening look.

Order from Chaos – Monochrome Style

A big trend this year is monochromatic looks. Whenever black and white enter the runway in large numbers, it can be viewed as a sartorial attempt to find order among the chaos of global events. It makes sense then that monochromatic styles are looking set to be in fashion this year, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting so many lives as well as the industry as a whole.

Equally, the Art Deco movement was seen as a direct reaction to the events of the First World War. At a time where the Western world was in disarray, design, style and fashion reacted in a structured way that made use if lots of black and white. Onyx and diamonds were used frequently in Art Deco jewelry, and they would look stunning alongside your best black and white looks this coming season. And there we have it, just a few ideas about how to pair Art Deco jewelry with modern trends. We’ve learned in the last year that you never know what’s going to be thrown your way, so you may as well try out some new styles and enjoy yourself. Good luck!

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