7 Reasons Couples Get Divorced

7 Reasons Couples Get Divorced

Not all relationships are perfect. Some go south for a multitude of reasons. In the US alone, a divorce is filed every 13 seconds and 50% of marriages in the US, fail. This is a big thing to worry especially because things are no different in other parts of the world since divorces are now a common occurrence all around the globe.

There can be many reasons for a couple to decide to call it off. Sometimes it’s a mutual decision and sometimes only one of the partners wants to walk away.

Whatever the reason, divorce can be very taxing on you and your family members as well, especially if you have kids. This is why it is important that you carefully think about it before you take this huge decision.

There are ways to save your marriage but it’s not worth trying if you do not see a future together.

The key lies in knowing what causes couples to part ways. It is important to recognize some common problems and steer clear from them to make your relationship lasts for a lifetime and in total happiness.

Here are seven of the most common reasons why couples divorce:

  1. Cheating

According to a recent survey conducted by the GSS (General Social Survey), 20% of men and 13% of women cheat on their partners.

When you take the vows on your big day, you promise to abstain from cheating on your partner but sadly very few people are able to remain true to their spouse.

Cheating is accounted for as the major reason for divorces in America and the mistake usually occurs from both sides, men and women.

  1. Lying

According to many surveys taken, a majority of women find lying husbands to be one of the major reasons for their breakups. In fact, 29.3% women said that they lose all the trust in their man when their lie is exposed.

A big lie can break your partner’s trust in a way that can never be earned back and it drastically damages the relationship and often leads to a divorce.

  1. Sexual Issues

A relationship not only asks for commitment, care, and love but physical needs as well.

Studies say that women tend to have a 10x  more sex drive than men and when their sexual requirements aren’t met they may often decide to part ways.

Moreover, many men also file a divorce due to not being sexually satisfied with their partners.

  1. Financial Issues

According to this study and many others, the 1st and 3rd year of a marriage is a delicate one, especially in the money matters. Facing financial issues and debt can lead to marital arguments and create a lot of heat among the couple.

Apart from that, some couples tend to keep their financial lives in dark from their partners or don’t contribute to making their lives financially better.

This can lead to quarrels and fights that most couples aren’t able to control and turn to a divorce.

  1. Not Taking Decisions With Each Others Consent

Another reason for couples to break up is to not giving importance to the partner in important matters. Relationships can weaken and even shatter when only one person is making all the decisions.

This can make the other person feel less important and sad. Hence, it reduces the amount of love one has for their partner.

In the end, the partner that feels left out often files for a divorce due to not being happy in the relationship.

The key lies in doing things together. Speak to your partner about important matters. Make all the decisions together, so that you two are on the same page.

  1. Mistreating The Partner

No one likes to be manipulated, manhandled or abused. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in many marriages where partners mentally and physically abuse each other.

No one deserves to lead a life like that and the best option may be to call it quits. In fact, the law also suggests you to stay away from an abusive partner.

  1. Starting a Family

A couple’s life changes when they welcome a newborn into their lives. For many, it is the biggest day in their lives.

However, many couples often fight over this issue due to one of the partners not wanting a baby. While the decision to have a baby should always be mutual. It can often be a major bone of contention and cause people to file for a divorce.

Moreover, sometimes medical complications can also lead to divorces.

The Conclusion – The secret of a successful relationship lies in being caring, honest, attentive, and supportive to your partner.

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