10 Essential Items for your Beach Bag

10 Essential Items for your Beach Bag

If you are planning a trip to the beach this summer then you probably already know to pack the sunscreen and your sand buckets, but there are some other essential items for your beach bag that everyone needs to pack. Don’t let your beach time get ruined because you have to spend all your extra money and time looking for these essential items.

  1. Ziploc Bags: Toss a few ziploc bags in your beach bag to collect shells as well as give you a place for small trash. There are small mesh shell bags that you can purchase at the local grocery stores near the sand and water toys for a couple dollars each. You may want to get a different color for each child or member of the family.
  2. Sharpie Marker: Label the ziploc bags with each person’s name. This makes it easy for each family member to keep their souvenir shells and treasures separate.
  3. Baby Powder: Many people like to use baby powder on your legs and arms to help keep the sand from sticking to your body. Just rub the powder on before you head to the beach and then brush off the sand when you’re done.
  4. Miami Beach Suncare: Sunscreen is crucial for you arms and legs, but don’t forget to take some special sunscare for your face. Kids as well as adults need to protect the sensitive areas under their eyes and around their ears.Miami Beach Suncare
  5. Moo Cream: Sand gets in some sensitive areas and can cause chafing between your legs. Moo cream is a perfect solution for relieving the pain caused by the sand.
  6. Easy Snacks: Nobody likes to leave the beach for lunch, so plan some easy snacks to help you last longer out on the beach. Sandwiches, chips, grapes, apples and carrot sticks work well for beach lunches. Just skip the chocolate snacks that will melt and cause a mess. Save those for the condo.
  7. Flashlight: Being on the beach in the sun is just half the fun. Don’t forget the flashlights so you can head out and look for sand crabs after dark. You may want to plan to have a flashlight for each member of the family so you can all enjoy the fun!
  8. Glow Sticks: When you head out to walk the beach at night, give the kids glow sticks to wear and play with. This will serve the double purpose of providing something fun for the kids as well as helping you keep up with where each child is playing on the shore.
  9. Fever Reducer: Even though you plan to avoid sunburn, be prepared with the fever reducer of your choice to help control the pain associated with too much sun exposure.
  10. A Good Book: Whether you read on a Kindle device or use an old fashioned paperback, beach time is often the best time to catch up on some reading. Be prepared with a few good books so you can enjoy reading and relaxing on the beach.

What essentials do you plan to pack for your next summer beach trip?

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