Wordless Wednesday {w/linky}

Wordless Wednesday {w/linky}
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By Teri
Teri Hardy is a 30-something married, mom of 7 and the face behind the popular online publication, Motherhood Defined as well as the founder of Mom Powered Media. Known as the Iowa Mom blogger by her local peers and “The Fairy Blogmother” worldwide. She loves to write, doodle & go, go, go. Control freak, master multi-tasker and shopaholic. Ms. Hardy has professional experience in working closely with clients on brand ambassadorships, client outreach services, content creation and creative social media advertising exposure.


  1. Awwww!! That picture just made me smile! How adorable!

  2. Aww, so cute, making friends! :)

  3. Oh, how adorable! :D

  4. Absolutely adorable!!!

  5. awe, love this pic. Kids are so funny!

  6. What cuties!

  7. too cute!

  8. Very cute pic, animals and babies you can’t beat that.

  9. :How cute!! I wish I could have a pet but the landlord says no, lol

  10. Adorable!

  11. Your cat must have a great laid-back personality. This is a pic I would frame, and bring out for my daughter’s wedding shower.

  12. This is a super cute pic! thanks so much for sharing! This is sure to put a smile onmany, many faces! how could it not!!!

  13. This makes me wonder what happened after the photo was taken! lol Did the baby or the cat get the toy?! =)

  14. How sweet, my cat runs every time the grandbabies are here

  15. I am an avid photographer and just what is it about pics with babies & animals. This is precious! I love how the babe is trying to get to the cat’s “level”. Too cute!

  16. Awwww that is super adorable! :)

  17. such a precious picture. little ones are so much fun. they see things so differently. thank you for sharing.

  18. Way cute!!!! Reminds me of my grandson when he was little

  19. He’s so cute and love the camo! At first I though he was starting to do a s0mmersault, my daughter just accidentally learned how to do one

  20. we have 4 dogs 4 cats and 3 cockatils we love them dearly

  21. So cute, it looks like they’re going to be best of friends.

  22. This is so cute. I hope they shared the toy!!!!!!!!!

  23. This is such a cute pic! =D

  24. Very cute pic!! Looks like he is trying to get the kitty to play. :) My dog would be running away from him, lol.

  25. love the pictures and your cat looks like my makita ; )

  26. i think capturing a picture with a child is the same as making a memory.

  27. So Precious!

  28. Very patient kitty. I hope.

  29. Love this picture! What a beautiful cat and the child’s pose is priceless! Thanks for sharing :)

  30. I agree with everyone else, of course, this is SOO Sweet! My mom got our daughter her first kitten when she was 4yrs old, and it will rip your face off.. so not a very ‘friend’ for her. Lol!

  31. Unusual hair on the kitty. Hope he is nice. My cat bites too much.

  32. So cute! Can’t tell who is enjoying it more!

  33. Very cute picture. My boys like to chase after my in-laws cats. They usually run and hide when we arrive lol!

  34. This is so cute. It looks like they will be life long friends.

  35. Is that a curly haired cat? This is so adorable!

  36. Aww…what a precious picture!! Love it!

  37. How sweet! Your cat is so cute.

  38. I loss my partner after 20 yrs 11/10/12 to a massive heartattack so holidays will never be the same .Your family is so cute and be grateful .Llfe can be soo soo short gl all

  39. That is so cute! your good at getting that perfect moment on film! good job!

  40. So cute. It looks like your son is trying to convince your cat to play with the toy.

  41. awe too cute, nothing like making a friend :)

  42. really cute love the picture

  43. Love your cat

  44. Absolutely adorable! I wish my son was this small still

  45. So cute! Not sure if the cat has met his match or the other way around!

  46. great picture. so precious.

  47. This just reminded me of my little bro when he was 2!

  48. Don’t you wish you knew what the cat was thinking?? This is so cute!

  49. So adorable! :)

  50. That is so precious! I love his outfit, and that cat has the most interesting coloring!

  51. Cute picture! My Tween daughter basically has grown up with our cat. They have such a great bond.

  52. cutieee

  53. This is one of my favorite stagges of a toddlers life–learning to make friends–sweet pixs–thanks for sharing–Merry Christmas

  54. I miss having a little child at our home. It just brings us joy always. Sadly children today grow fast. I hope I can have my own soon.

  55. You’ve got some really nice photos here, the hummingbird one is really nice, glad he was rescued

  56. Aww This picture brought a smile to my face! I love pictures where children and animals are together in pic.

  57. That picture made my day!! Love it!! =)

  58. Awwwe the innocence of a child, unconditional love and it goes both ways here. Love it!! Makes you wonder what is being said to the kitty……

  59. That picture is precious. It’s amazing the pictures you can get with pets and their little owners. So sweet!


  61. It is so great with young children grow up with animals. Both the children and animals develop a comfort level and a bond with each other that carries over to people.

  62. This picture is so cute! I love photography and really appreciate it!

  63. Ilove your pictures. You have to think what’s going through your child’s mind and what in the world that cat is thinking. I love it.

  64. lol it’s like he’s saying ” ‘sup cat?”

  65. I love this photo! What kind of cat do you have? I think more photos of babies and cats on your blog will make tons of people smile!

  66. I love this photo! Please post more photos of babies and cats… what kind of cat do you have? He/she has a cow patterned coat!

  67. awww…I love when they are so small and look like little tripods…my wee ones always used to balance themselves using their heads ( I could never figure out the odd bald spot on my toddler’s head…but I watched him do this a few times and got the picture…lol)

  68. How cute is this!!! =)

  69. This is a fantastic site, I wish that they had more like this when my kids were younger, now I tend to be afraid to go to sleep early.. as my children are 11 and 13.. :)

  70. Ilove the way you capture those candid moments. I have to have everyone positioned just so or it doesn’t look right.doesn’t helpmuch either that i never know where the camera is or it isn’t charged. Have to get my act together for the new year.

  71. A photo like this is something to keep and treasur. Little Kids always love to explore and make friends with animals.

  72. Awww! It looks like they’re having a conversation!

  73. oh, too cute. kids and kittens re so much fun.

  74. i love your pictures especially the pics of little ones. They are so cute. I just became a new grandma in October and he lives with me, so I am having the time of my life with him.

  75. i love your pics especially those with little ones. They are so cute. I became a new grandma in October and he lives with me. I am having the time of my life with him long time since a little one has been in the house.

  76. I love cats, I really do….and I miss having them since my daughter is highly allergic to them…she can’t even go to people’s houses with cats. This is an adorable picture!

  77. I love wordless Wednesday… get to see so many great pics

  78. This is so cute! My daughter would be running as fast as she could in the other direction!

  79. These pictures i am sure have so many stories and memories behind them. Mine tell of the past mostly as
    most of the family members in my life are now gone.Some just this yr 2012.Partner of 20 yrs is the hardest to accept and really the easiest to understand .Fighting diabeties can really put a stress on your whole body and the family members too.Up and down and not sure whats coming next so i am sure glad the pain he went thru is now at peace. So if you visit my Pin at sablelulu ,you will notice i am mostly way back when instead of in the moment as i feel better and more at peace myself .thanks for sharing

  80. I absolutely love the picture of your husband and three children! Awesome :)

  81. Looks like the cat is older than the human.
    Also the cat looks plumb rumpled up.
    Love to see a cat with patience.

  82. You cannot go wrong taking pictures of babies and their pets! Too freaking cute!!!!

  83. aw mom, I know it’s in there somewhere…

  84. This photo is so sweet, kids and animals are the cutest!

  85. Wow! These picture really makes me want to go! I have never been! Thanks for sharing the great pictures

  86. Crazy things babies do! Wonder what the baby was looking at! Weren’t you afraid the kitty would scratch the baby’s face? Guess I’m just a puppy person. Great catch though I must say! It’s like you want to tell them stay on your head while I fetch the camera. LOL Have a great day!

  87. Such a precious moment captured for us to see! I also have cats, and my sons love them so much. So sweet!

  88. Love this picture – so many cats HATE lttle ones so this one must be special!

  89. Awww…baby want’s to make nice nice to the kitteh!

  90. Photos with kids and pets are adorable. They can both be so unpredictable.

  91. How adorable! I think she will grow up to be an animal lover for sure!

  92. Awwwwww so cute!!! The baby and the cat are adorable!!!

  93. So adorable, I remember this curious stage! I have boys and they weren’t content to just look so now they fight with our boy cat!!

  94. Cute & Funny! Love these shots!! Thanks!

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