1. rebeka deleon says

    since we finally have an actual home instead of an apartment, i would love to start gardening and need all the tips i can get!

  2. md kennedy says

    All of these tips seem so basic and sensical – yet for some reason so many people forget them. Don’t use pesticides! Join a community garden! Plant seeds that are from species native to your local environment! Do your part to save the earth.

  3. Maria Iemma says

    Just in time for Spring! Although I have snow on the ground today I am dreaming of spring and gardening and warmer weather.

  4. Lori Davis says

    Love these tips. I hardly see Monarchs where I live now, but when I was growing up we had lots of milkweed around and also lots of butterflies.

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I really like watching this video about the Wings of Life Gardening Tips! Really informative and great information on planting flowers!

  6. Jane Ritz says

    Wings of Life Gardening tips is one DVD I plan to add to my small collection. I love gardening and the outdoors. Disney will do it up right I’m sure.

  7. says

    Great video! I love how it simply stated “teach our children to care for flowers” My son helps his daddy every morning with our roses. I’m hoping he is going to be a little gardener when he grows up.

  8. Sunnymay says

    Wings of Life from Disneynature is astounding with bright colors of plants and ways you can help garden.

  9. Nataly Carbonell says

    Very nice & helpful presentation, I love gardening and of course I do encourage my kids to plant and take care of plants. thanks

  10. Becky Richied says

    I’m looking forward to this release, I love to garden and love books and of course helpful hints. I will be waiting anxiously for this!!

  11. Jan Lee says

    This looks amazing :) I especially like the one that says Bring back the monarchs, plant milkweed; I didn’t know that! :) Thanks for posting the release!

  12. Nicole Becker says

    I am putting a new flowerbed in front of my house in a few days so I could use some gardening tips for sure!!

  13. says

    I love Disney and Gardening so this was an awesome video. If it would just warm up a little here in NC!
    I can’t wait to get out there and some yard work and gardening done, but they are calling for possible SNOW Sunday, UGH

  14. Sharon Siqueiros says

    It looks like a beautiful video, we just started repotting plants and pruning hibiscus, I’d love to have this dvd just for the gorgeous pics of flowers

  15. Judy Lipcsak says

    The tips are great and it’s nice to learn from the Disney gardeners because they’re the best. We have to landscape our front gardens this summer because we have to replace the retaining walls. I’ve tried to plant butterfly gardens before and this dvd would be a big help.

  16. Heather Diotte says

    Great tips, definitely will be getting this DVD! I cannot wait til it warms up so I can get out there and begin my flower gardens!

  17. Becky Schollian says

    Wow, I have seen many reviews, blogs & home gardening shows. this has been the most helpful & creative. I enjoyed this!!

  18. Maria Iemma says

    I am not a gardener but admire those that have the green thumb and can make beautiful things grow. It looks like an interesting watch.

  19. C. McPheeters says

    Don’t have access to gardening space since I’m an apartment dweller, but I love the ideas (for future reference)!

  20. C. McPheeters says

    I don’t have access to gardening space this year as I’m an apartment dweller, but I like the ideas and will keep for future reference!

  21. Carrie Butler says

    I love gardening! It’s so relaxing. Kind of like therapy! Disney does so much more than just cartoons!

  22. andrea mackafee says

    disney has such a beautiful landscape at all their parks. what a way to help us maintain a beautiful landscape on our own. its a piece of disney in our back yards!

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