1. Rhea says

    Loos like the kids are having a blast…although the little man looks like he isn’t too sure about this!

  2. Shannon M Gallagher says

    My daughter and nieces met spongebob once at our local mall, when they were all little. My daughter was so terrified that she wouldn’t go over to him! It was torture to get her to stand near him for a photo. It looks like the kids in this pic are having fun. I wish my daughter had enjoyed the experience a lot more! :)

  3. Monica Cline says

    You have some very beautiful God’s children. Kids are such a joy! I have four myself and wouldn’t take nothing in this world for them! God Bless!

  4. Kim says

    How cute!!! We have booked a cruise for Dec. 2013 and Spongebob will be on it!!! We’ve decided to keep that part a secret from our 6 year old……we’d be hearing “Is it time to go meet him yet” for the next year!!! Hope our picture turns out as great as yours!!!

  5. Bella T. says

    They are so cute as is the themed frame! My family would absolutely LOVE getting to meet Spongebob Squarepants!!!

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