Top Style Tips For Expectant Mothers

Gone are the days of baggy shirts and long dresses, you now have the chance to look chic and still be comfy in the all new stylish maternity range. You should flaunt your growing bump and be proud of it! Here are some tips to help you feel and look great during this exciting time.

Maternity Clothes

Some people may be put off by the thought of wearing stretchy pants, when in fact you can actually find stylish maternity wear. If you are envisioning a shapeless smock then this isn’t the case. Rather than opting for clothes that are a size larger you should look around for the variety of maternity options which will not only flatter your growing curves but make you look cool too. Keep in mind that fitted clothes are much more appealing than old baggy clothes. If you are a size 12 then you should buy yourself some size 12 maternity trousers, you shouldn’t just grab a size 16 as it will look ridiculous!

Know Your Body Shape

Every person has a distinctive body shape, so what looked fine on your expectant friend may not suit you so well. You need to get to know your body shape and what type of clothing suits you best. If you feel comfortable and look great then this is all that matters.

Layer Clothes

You may assume that the clothes you wear have to look plain and unappealing. Well, in fact that is completely untrue! You can layer clothes too create more of a personality to any outfit. For example, layer camis and tanks underneath sweaters and other t-shirts. By wearing layers you can create a more colourful look.

Wear Cute Dresses

Dresses are a lot more comfortable than wearing jeans or pants whilst you are pregnant. This is because the waistband can often dig into your belly and become an annoyance. An ideal style of dress would be a maxi dress. These dresses are bold and loose fitting and will flatter your new curves. You should embrace that bump and look like a yummy mummy in a sexy yet subtle maxi dress.

Flat Shoes Are Your Friend

If your feet are swollen and sore than the last thing you are going to want to wear are heels. Wearing flat canvas shoes or even sneakers will make you feel extremely comfortable. Trust me you need a nice pair of flats when you are expecting!

Buy New Underwear

As your body is growing and changing during each trimester it is essential to buy undergarments which not only look good but feel comfy too. A bra that fits and supports your growing breasts is essential, you may even need to buy more than one bra during your pregnancy. If you do not want to buy maternity underwear than opting for low rise garments may be more suitable.

Buy Accessories

If you feel frumpy and like nothing fits than you can brighten up any outfit with some womens accessories. Add some jewelry such as bracelets or bangles to create a chic look. Bold and chunky pieces are more eye catching. As your hormones are all over the place it is okay to not like a certain part of your body, however funky accessories will create a more stylish look.


Bio: Sophie loves to give fashion advice to expectant mothers to help them boost their confidence and look great during their special time! You should also consider additional accessories such as handbags online, there are so many must have bags around that it would be a shame to miss out!



  1. Rachel F. says

    I am in maternity clothes now – 30 weeks. I must tell you the most life changing thing that I have bought to wear has been some really comfy, supportive slippers to wear around the house. I’m a SAHM with a 2.5 year old. I have hardwoods and I can tell a huge difference in my level of soreness by the end of the day. It was definitely worth the investment.

  2. sam dock says

    These are good tips. I had a hard time finding maternity clothes that fit well and tops that were long enough so I ended up getting most of my things in bigger sizes in the Jrs section. At least that way my belly wouldn’t peek out the bottom of my tops :)

  3. Kristina l says

    I was pregnant with both my boys in the winter time! I wore sweats mostly because at the time I did not want to spend a lot of money on clothes I could not wear again. I wish I could have wore the cute little summer dresses!

  4. Jennifer T says

    Good tips! I would suggest not falling prey to the idea that everything needs to be extra revealing when you are pregnant. Some women think that this is the time to show off their legs or their extra-big chest. Nope, let’s not do that! And I wish maternity clothing companies would realize that not all of us want to do that. I had the hardest time finding a skirt that was not unusually short and/or tight when I was pregnant. Difficult for those of us who can’t wear a t-shirt and jeans to work. :-/

  5. carla bonesteel says

    These are great tips…When I was pregnant, I was living in poverty, so I had to make due with what I had. I gained so much weight, and my clothes were so awful, that I looked like a Oompa Loompa wearing a tablecloth. LOL

  6. says

    Maternity clothes have become so versatile over the years. Now you can use Maternity Clothes, of course, while pregnant; but, most styles make it easy to wear after you give birth to you baby. Some don’t even look like maternity clothes at all. These are great tips in your review.

  7. Zoe says

    These are some really good tips! A family friend of mine just found out she is pregnant and is freaking out about maternity wear, i’ll have to recommend this post to her :)

  8. Lynne says

    Maternity clothes/styles have certainly changed! twenty six years ago, the clothes weren’t that great, and I wore alot of hand me downs (we were on a budget). I wasn’t a big fan of the chunky dramatic statement piece kind of jewelry back then…too bad, because I think that could have really helped some of the outfits I wore! I love that tip, because you could get away with purchasing some really basic pieces, mix and match, and then wear some great jewelry and really look pulled together.

  9. rebekah kane says

    Great advice! For the duration of my pregnancy I wore stretch pants with long tops or dresses…worked for me! Problem is I STILL have to wear them because none of my pre pregnancy clothes fit quite yet :)

  10. Karen Hedden says

    These are some great tips for expecting moms! Thank you for your blog and all of the time you put into it for your readers!

  11. Sherry Compton says

    Comfortable and light are big issues. You don’t want to be restricted. Nowadays, they have many cute maternity clothes but just like any clothes shopping it generally takes effort. You want to look good and be comfortable. Don’t be afraid to try on.

  12. holly jack says

    I’m glad this has changed over the years. I remember feeling like a house in my huge baggy clothes. Women deserve to feel cute while pregnant.

  13. Lana Bradstream says

    I’m in my seventh month and I’m going through a frumpy phase right now. This will help get me out of it!

  14. Susan Smith says

    Great tips, I lived in maternity jeans that were very comfortable. I even wore them for a few weeks after I gave birth until I lost weight.

  15. says

    Great advise! I get nauseous watching some pregnant ladies in town with poorly fitting clothes. they look so unappealing. Why add more misery those months. if you look attractive you will feel better about yourself.
    My Dr. wisely suggested with my first baby to buy a quality fitted bra. Several babies later I m thankful I followed that counsel.
    Also, I and my daughters rubbed pure glycerin each day on our stomachs and never got a stretch mark there.

  16. lisa says

    I’m way past those years. I have noticed that the styles have changed quite a bit. Some not so good. I can’t stand seeing a mom to be wearing belly baring or tight clothes. You have some good basic tips.

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