The Best Methods of Finding the Perfect Nanny

Finding a nanny to work with your children can be extremely difficult, and can cause a lot of tension and stress for your family during the search process. After all, entrusting your children into the hands of a stranger can be not only intimidating and scary, but potentially scary should you make the wrong hiring decision. When searching, there are many approaches to finding the perfect nanny for your family’s needs – and exploring several of your options will help you find the best, most qualified candidates to work with your kids.

Find the perfect nanny

Top-Notch Nannies: What to Look For When Selecting a Perfect Caretaker for Your Kids

When you are performing your interview, you should make sure to ask pertinent and appropriate questions that access the nanny’s personality and experience, which can help you determine how she will handle working with your beloved children. Though it isn’t good to judge a book by its cover, it is especially important to select a nanny that is generally put-together and has good hygiene, which will serve as a good indicator of how she will take care of your children. She should also be punctual and have a strong sense of responsibility, and plenty of work with children in her past as demonstrated by a thorough resume and strong references.

Posting in the Classifieds: A Great Resource, or a Rip-Off?

If you’re looking to explore your local community for a nanny, posting in the classifieds might seem like a great option for you and your family to explore. In these paid-per-post forums, it is possible to test the waters and see how many responses you receive after running your advertisements just a few times. However, many families report that even though the costs were minimal, the results were simply lacking to make the classifieds approach worth it. If only four or five people respond to an ad that costs $25, and only one or two qualified candidates come out of that search, perhaps you are not pooling enough resources through this method.

Approaching Online Searches with a Critical Eye

One great feature about using the internet to search for your new nanny is that you have a wealth of information available, and yet it can be hard to make a confident hiring decision based on what people post online. Of particular concern are open and free forums, such as Craigslist and other boards, where it can be easy to fake one’s credentials or impersonate the identity of someone else. If you do select this risky route, make sure to follow up with plenty of research, a background check, and in-person interviews before making a final decision. Even if you find a nanny that is “good enough,” your odds of finding the best nanny for your family using this method is slim to none.

Working with an Agency: A Fantastic Method of Finding Your New Nanny

Finding a nanny is far easier when someone does the grunt work for you – and a nanny agency is a great way to narrow your search pool and interview only the best candidates for your nanny position. Agencies have plenty of experience working with families in search of childcare, and know how to run thorough background checks and research on their potential nanny hires. If you are looking for nannies in the UK or international in particular, it would be best to work with a reputable agency that specializes in making these matches for you.

These agencies will be backed with a guarantee that ensures your satisfaction, and will provide protection should any unforeseen issues happen to occur. This is because these agencies will check the references for you and undergo their own research and interview processes, which will help you know to trust the person you decide to ultimately hire. Since they work from a larger bank of nanny applicants, you know that they will be able to find someone who fits your family’s particular needs and requirements.


This is a guest post by Lilly Sheperd, a freelance writer who shares her thoughts on various blogs.



  1. md Kennedy says

    Great tips! My SIL is planning her return to work after having her first baby in October and is on the prowl for a good Nanny – and so many people in her area are always poaching from other families! These seem like much better tips for getting a good Nanny.

  2. Dorothy Teel says

    Very informational article and it is very important that anyone looking for a nanny or any type of caregiver, nurse or health aide, always go through a reliable agency that has done numerous background checks to be sure that their is no problems that might be encountered. I like your article

  3. Sherri says

    Great article. My daughter has been working as a nanny since she graduated from college…. she is listed on That seems to be a good resource for finding someone in your area.

  4. Crystal Brummett says

    Thanks for sharing this.. I have a real hard time leaving my children with anyone besides my mom.. It is so hard to trust people in these days.. I am a stay at home mom and I am with my children 24/7 (unless they stay with my mom while I run to the store for a few mins) cause of that fear of them getting harmed.. Just terrifies me.. :)

  5. Bertha Wilson says

    Thanks, I really like your artical and tips. We live so far back in the country that we always try to use close Family for babysitting or other care needs.

  6. Suzy Smith says

    It can be so hard to find the right nanny for your home, that’s why it’s so important to treasure her once you know she is a part of the family. Nice article.

  7. thia beniash says

    great article! I read it a little bit differently… I care for children and looked at the article to see if I would be considered the best. I care for them as if they were my own children. I sew their stuffed animals when they get boo boos. I hem their pants for events. I always have a birthday party complete with decorations at my home and plan many fun and learning day events. I like to think I am the best choice for them. I do the best that I can every day!

  8. Diane says

    I agree with Suzy… treating nannies once you find them with the utmost respect is so important. ….I personally prefer recommendations or going through an agency

  9. lisa says

    Those are good tips to think about. A good nanny should be like a member of the family. I’d still use a nanny-cam too.

  10. Nicole Becker says

    If I were trying to find a Nanny, I would definitely go through an agency. There are so many crazy people in this world, I don’t trust finding one over the internet.

  11. Melissa Marinho says

    This is definitely a scary task for us moms! We want to make sure our kids are left in the right hands! An agency does sound like the best way to go as they most likely do background checks, fingerprinting and reference checking, all with the guarantee. Even with that, it is still stressful, but at least they cover the grounds, which may be hard and time consuming for some moms to do!

  12. Tina Bredbury says

    Great advice. I always have trouble finding childcare. I’m a worry and mainly I want a nanny who’d treat my kids like they are their mother! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Katherine McPherson says

    What an enlightening article! I was blessed and able to stay home with my children until my youngest was in the fourth grade. I cannot imagine having to look for someone to care for and love my children the way I do. Pray, pray, pray!

  14. Rochelle B says

    These are very good tips to help! We have been blessed with a wonderful Nanny for the last 11 years who was also the nanny for my sister’s children when they were younger.

  15. barnolds barnes says

    Very timely post for me. I’m about to have to find someone to watch my son all day for 4 days–we don’t have anyone here and I’m NERVOUS

  16. Rebecca Parsons says

    A lot of great tips, it’s one of the reason I think is great they do a lot of the leg work for someone looking for a nanny or other caregiver.

  17. heather r says

    I got REALLY lucky with my daughter’s daycare provider. my current coworker has never ending issues with nannies, and daycare isn’t an option because of her daughter’s health problems. thanks for the pointers, I’ll send them her way!

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