Superhero Costumes Infographic #DIY

Superhero Costumes Infographic #DIY
Superhero Costumes Infographic #DIY
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Superheros are the Halloween rage this year but who wants to pay for an overpriced costume that you will probably only wear once? Not I! The solution: Take a few reusable clothing pieces, a bit of goodies from your craft clothes, place them together and bam you are ready for that spook night outing.

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By Teri
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  1. this is so awesome, thanks for sharing love DIYs

  2. I already bought my son a $20 iron man costume, which i think is a great price! amazon always offers great deals. a lot cheaper than the costume stores.

  3. Omg I am so gunna make the Batman costume for hubby, He wanted to go look for one at the store this weekend, I was going to go buy one as much as I was against it because of the cost but now I can surprise him with this, very cheap too! Thank you this is so cool.

  4. You have the right idea. Why spend money on something that will be worn once? I love the costume ideas and easy to follow guide.

  5. What a fantastic good idea to reshape the old clothes into anew once! I indeed like it.Thanks for the idea.

  6. I love this. It makes it all look so much easier. Plus why waste your money on a cheap costume.

  7. wow thats too cool i think im going to follow the one for wolverine! this is great im so pinning this!

  8. This is so exciting. Amazon is in practice of presenting great deals with comparative prices than that of costume stores.Thanks for sharing lovely ideas.

  9. I’ll be wearing a pumpkin costume I made with orange sweatshirt, black felt, green pants and a green stem hat.

  10. When I was growing up we never went to ‘buy’ costumes for Halloween but instead had to be creative and use what we had around the house. Posting this was a wonderful idea.

  11. I’ll bet those turn out so much better than the store bought costumes. I’ve never been fond of those silly plastic masks and costumes.

  12. This is a great post! I feel like every year the costumes get more and more expensive and a lot of times, it’s not necessarily the costume but the acessories that are “sold separately.” DYI are so much reasonable AND you can have a lot of fun with it, it’s not so generic.

  13. I love your article on DIY super hero costumes. My son was really too old to dress up this year, but a lot of the moms in our cul-de-sac asked if he would take a lot of the 6 and older kids out trick or treating, so he wanted to dress up to take them. He ended up making a Rick Grimes costume from The Walking Dead. They all had a blast. I don’t know about these moms though — I loved taking my son out myself. I guess things have changed with some moms. I like handing out the candy this year.

  14. i love this thanks so much for sharing this

  15. I know Halloween is over for another year, but I wish I’d had these instructions! I so much more love a home-made costume than a purchased one.

  16. I missed this for this Halloween. Definitely good to know for next year! Love the DIY step by step =)

  17. Love it. I had to pin this on Pinterest. Would have loved this info when my son was young!

  18. I love this thank you for sharing it, I hate paying so much for store bought Halloween costumes and they are always falling apart right away.

  19. Costumes were so expensive and my Grandson got his last minite when they went on sale . Im Forwarding this to my daughter and keeping it for myself and making the costumes next year!

  20. Next year…BatKid!

  21. Thank you for sharing these! Great and simple costumes.

  22. Thanks for putting this together! I am looking forward to adding a couple of these ideas to our “wardrobe/dress up/pretend box!!!!!!

  23. I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was a child, it would have been great to have this infographic back then. Thank you for sharing this great post.

  24. Very neat! My daughter and son will get a blast looking at this thanks!

  25. Thank you for sharing these, very helpful for parents.

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