Keeping Kids Creative ~ Step2 Creative Projects Table Giveaway

The last week of September has been Nationally designated as “Keep Kids Creative Week”. While this week is often celebrated in schools with many fun activities to help stimulate kid’s creativeness, parents can also take advantage of this week to do some really fun things at home. Many parents struggle with finding time to fit creativity in but there are lots of products out there to help us with getting those creative juices flowing. Mama-Nibbles and Life With Two Boys created this event to help you find some fun products to keep your family creative not only during “Keep Kids Creative Week” but any time of the year!

Keeping Kids Creative begins on September 17th at 12:01am EST and ends on September 30th at 11:59pm EST.  Along with the awesome prizes that each of the participating blogs are offering we also have 3 Grand Prizes thanks to our sponsors BabbaCo, Green Kid Crafts, Kelly Kits, PowerCapes, Bannor Toys, We Can Too, and Kat and Company.

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Get the Step2 Creative Projects Table for your child and help in enhancing his/her creativity. This Step 2 creative project table with stools can assist your child in creative play activities. It features a large surface with molded-in storage tray and the required storage space for all creative projects. He/she will be able to organize their things in a better way as the Step 2 art table is equipped with storage compartments for drawing pads, tablets, books, supplies, removable storage cups and toys. The creative project table has a sturdy, colorful wooden shelf which is meant for additional storage. In addition, the desk can also be turned into a table which can accommodate two or more children.

Step2 Creative Projects Table:

  • Desk doubles as a table for two or more children
  • Features a large surface with molded-in storage tray
  • Provides storage area for creative project supplies
  • Storage compartments for drawing pads, tablets, books, supplies, and toys
  • Accommodates large removable storage cups for art supplies
  • Step2 Creative Projects Table includes two 11″ high stools
  • Dimensions: 39″ x 32″ x 32″
  • Adult assembly required
  • Approximate Step2 Creative Projects Table assembly time: 15 minutes

One lucky reader will receive a Step2 Creative Projects Table!

Giveaway ends September 30th at 11:59pm, open to Worldwide, ages 18+. If the winner selected is not in the US, they will receive a $100 Paypal or Visa Gift Card.

To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. Danielle Medbury says

  2. Kerrie Mayans says

  3. Janet W. says

    I like to let my grandson get creative when drawing, coloring, etc and tell him there is no wrong way to do it! Have plenty of different colors on hand so he can get creative!

  4. gibberish (Julie G.) says

    I make playdough & keep it in the fridge for the grandkids. They love to get into my cookie cutter stash & make playdough cookies.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  5. Sandy VanHoey says

    My daughter keeps all kinds of things for my grandson along with his glue, paints, markers, felt, etc. They do lots of home projects.

  6. Ericka says

    Have a creativity box and everything thing that you have laying around the house that you don’t need that can be used for crafts throw it in the box. We try and have a night to where we go through the box and make things for the holidays or as gifts, the kids love it and have a blast doing it!

  7. Laura Miller says

    My best advice on how to keep the kids creative is to make sure they have plenty of medium….different papers, clay dough, markers, etc….I have one child that creatively folds paper, and one that loves to color.

  8. Raina Delrio says

    To keep my kids creative, I supply plenty of arts/crafts supplies and allow them to craft whenever they feel. I also let them assist in my arts/crafts projects.

  9. nicole says

    we set up an area of craft supplies, so whenever my daughter feels the need to create, she can get what she wants. course its on my desk, so it be nice to win this :)

  10. sara kover says

    my son loves to color so i keep a few pencil cases full of markers,crayons and colored pencils, plus a ton of blank white paper,construction paper and a variety of coloring books.Next weekend,I’m planning on making collages with him, I’ve been cutting pics from magazines for a while for this!

  11. andalene says

    Each season, I encourage the kids to design and create a themed picture/saying for our front picture window. It allows them to use different materials along with their imagination.

  12. jennifer laur says

    my tip is to limit toys that require batteries…keep the focus on things that require them to use their imagination!

  13. Kimberly Schotz says

  14. amy beth marantino says

    i keep everyone thinking… whenever they ask with any question, i start the conversation with “what do YOU think?”

  15. Viv Sluys says

    We keep our craft bins at kid height so my girls can look in and pull out supplies on their own. We also talk about craft ideas and keep a list of ones we want to try

  16. Karin Dollery says

    My grandchildren are both still under 3 so they pretty much get full time attention when they come to visit lol. However it will be a wonderful thing to do when they come over.

  17. Jennifer Nielsen says

    I let her explore what ever she wants. I provide craft supplies in various rooms of the house and just let her go at it!

  18. Sarah Brown says

    Encourage them to be messy! Don’t get all bent out of shape if they make a mess. It takes the fun out of being creative!

  19. joanne major says

    i keep a box stocked with paper, markers, scissors, glue, crayons,yarn, felt,glitter and paint. they can make stuff whenever they feel like it. and we go to hobby lobby every weekend

  20. Kimberly says

    I’ll give them markers, colored pencils, stickers, crayons, construction paper, foil, glue, and a large blank piece of paper and let them have at it.

  21. ANN*H says

    Lots of things . We do things with lots of pennies – build race tracks – try to stack them and spin them.
    I keep lots of paper and crayons around for them to draw and cut up for crafts too

  22. Jennifer Hedden says

    All you have to do is sit down with my girls and give them some crayons, markers, or paints and they will be creative. Sometimes I find some neat craft ideas online or on pinterest and we will do that and sometimes I will ask them both to draw something specific, but mostly they come up with plenty of things to draw on their own.

  23. Marie Haney says

    We keep our daughter actively creative through the obvious – arts and crafts, crayons and markers, paper, glue, etc. But we also keep her creative by exposing her to as many things as we can. She’s traveled, attended museum exhibits, symphony concerts, sporting events, among many other things. We read A LOT of books and watch movies and television shows that help her creativity leaps and bounds. We encourage her in EVERYTHING that she chooses to do. When you give them a world of ideas, the possibilities are endless! :)

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway! :)
    songbird1613 at yahoo dot com

  24. Tiffany Overton says

    We are always going to the craft store and making things for Grandma! The love making things for there friends too!!

  25. Alycia M says

    I get a lot of ideas off of Pinterest and blogs – I make sure that all art supplies are super accessible and try not to limit his creativity@

  26. Sleepyheadedmom says

    To help keep my son creative I play with him and use my imagination too. We keep alot of art supplies handy and even make our own. Not too long ago, he helped me dig up and process our own clay. Now we just need to make things with it.

  27. Chelsea says

    Honestly I think my kids are more creative than me… but I think encouraging their creativity fuels it even more… so my tip is to constantly encourage and praise them!

  28. Sue Hull says

    I get some ideas off pinterest or magazines. My neices love to do crapfts.I have lots of craft stuff I keep at my house so when they come over we make stuff. My sister and my mom also have craft stuff. I love putting their artwork on my fridge so they love drawing pics for me. Thanks for this oh so super Awesome giveaway! :)

  29. Lisa Davis says

    They love to draw/color/paint so I like to introduce new mediums and like many others have said, let them know there is no wrong way to do it!

  30. Jeanne Bates Tennant says

    I find fun crafts and projects that are child/adult fun for my niece and I on pinterest. Plus I ask her to think of a something she would love to do make so that her brain can work in creativity and original ideas area. A lot of our arts & crafts are not planned out. We just start talking and take it from there to make fun and enjoyable items. We are working on her making Christmas presents for family and friends. Thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize.

  31. Alisson H. says

    My youngest has a very creative mind and loves doing crafts that she dreams up. This desk would be a perfect workspace for her.

  32. kelly tillotson says

  33. Alisson H. says

    My youngest has a very creative mind and loves doing crafts that she dreams up. This desk would be a perfect workspace for her. I let me kids make what they imagine with pretty much anything they want like straws, pasta, yarn…

  34. melanieg says

    I have lots of craft items handy, paint, crayons, beading stuff for necklaces etc readily available for them when they feel a creative itch coming on.

  35. Beverly K. says

    now that the weather has been beautiful, we take the kids outside for paint time fun, bike rides, chalk time it’s really been great for my 8yo and 3yo.

  36. Jacqui Kelly says

    I keep a box of crayons and color books in my living room book case for when the kids come over. Mine are all grow but have ones of their own now.

  37. Candice Walker says

    This would make a wonderful birthday gift for my kids. They love to draw, paint, and just about everything else.

  38. amber cavalier says

    Chalk, and lots of it. With a 13 month old this is the easiest way to keep her showing her creative side. She absolutely the bright colors and Iblove that I can just wash it away unlike paint. Best for those long days you want to let the children be creative but not really in the mood it sit down and help them glue everything in place. (Common we all have our days we give them something to play quietly while you sit back and enjoy being outside and relaxing (;

  39. says

    Chalk, and lots of it. With a 13 month old this is the easiest way to keep her showing her creative side. She absolutely the bright colors and I love that I can just wash it away unlike paint. Best for those long days you want to let the children be creative but not really in the mood it sit down and help them glue everything in place. (Common we all have our days we give them something to play quietly while you sit back and enjoy being outside and relaxing (;

  40. says

    Chalk, and lots of it. With a 13 month old this is the easiest way to keep her showing her creative side. She absolutely the bright colors and I love that I can just wash it away unlike paint. Best for those long days you want to let the children be creative but not really in the mood it sit down and help them glue everything in place. (Common we all have our days we give them something to play quietly while you sit back and enjoy being outside and relaxing (;

    is this comment really to short? I think I rambled on lol

  41. shay says

    Keeping lots of paper on had for those creative moments. We already have tons of crayons, pencils, colored pencils, paint etc.

  42. Jan Messali says

    I save all sorts of scraps to inspire creativity… bubble wrap, scraps of colored paper from junk mail, egg cartons, etc. These can be used in so many different ways.

  43. Cari says

    I am hoping to win this for my young daughter who is just starting a daycare to bring in extra money to her little family. She has the biggest heart and loves every person.

  44. jamie S says

    We do a craft almost everyday day. My daughter LOVES to paint and draw, I have been looking for a something like this for awhile! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. sheila musselman askins says

    we love doing scavenger hunts! its easy i just pick things that are easy to find outside…a flower…a leaf…a rock…etc…and when its raining i will quickly hide things inside and have the kids search for it!

  46. Catherine Lott says

    A stay creative by doing many different things, we pretend to be animals, do some crafts, look for different shapes in clouds, etc…

  47. serena adkins says

    I have this activity book that I bought at the book store and they have an activity that you can create with your child everyday. I love this book.

  48. Carol L says

    When my 7 kids were little we always had a craft box filled with endless supplies. One day a week ,usually on a weekend we would sit at the dining room table and everyone would just use what was in the box and make their own creations. But w always used nature, colors and things around us to let them know, they could make something out of anything if they put their creativity to the test. Thanks for a amazing giveaway opportunity.
    Carol L.

  49. Diana Chastain says

    I try to color with my 21 month old daughter at least once a day. We read throughout the day, every day. We play make believe. She is the light of my existence.

  50. jennifer shaw says

    My daughters are 2 and 1, so we are starting the coloring thing. They do good for the first 5 seconds, then start on the dog and their self. We are working on it!!

  51. Dina says

    When I really want to get her creative juices flowing, we head outside. There is always something new to discover! We can even collect things to use inside for projects.

  52. Jenny King says

    My daughter is almost 2, and she LOVES to color and paint! She also loves to use sidewalk chalk on the driveway. I even downloaded the app on my phone that lets her “color” on my phone, it keeps her busy when we are out and about!

  53. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Have things available in the environment for kids to see and use. Include the usual like colored pencils and chalk, but also have papers, cardboard tubes, adhesive tapes, boxes, small bottles, etc. on hand. Make sure there is a place for crafts–a table, spare room, closet–whatever you have even just a corner.

  54. mell says

    We make up stories together, make things out of every day items, and encourage them to power down electronics and interact with people.

  55. Shannon Dewease says

    I keep a “craft box” fully stocked. A lot of items I buy on clearance or get “free” as samples, so it doesn’t break my bank book!

  56. Dorinna Wren says

    I always keep craft itemsaround. I was a preschool teacher for 15 yrs so I have tons of books and ideas. My kids are also very creative on their own it is awesome

  57. Jessica Hahn says

    I am always sure to display all of their pictures and projects for guests to see. We have pictures etc….lining our hallway so anytime guests so to the restroom or to got see the kid’s bedroom they are sure to see and comment on all the awesome work. It’s not your ideal home decor, but it’s way more meaningful. The kids love this attention and praise.

  58. Diane Wolf says

    Different crafts using different mediums all the time! It keeps their hands and minds busy and they feel proud and accomplished when they are done!

  59. andalene says

    We have every type of creative tools at our home for the children to try – painting, window crayons, colouring, draw tablet for xbox, they have so much to choose from. My wife also collects small things, now my kids do too, for crafts – kept in the craft dressers for a later time.

  60. corey says

    That was my comment above but my wife’s email was in the name/email – sorry – it keeps them there if they’ve been here before.

  61. Sherry Compton says

    Books are a great way to get kids using their imagination. We read about far away places, silly things, all kinds of things. This helps kids to see the world in a new way. A cardboard box is no longer a cardboard box.

  62. Ellen C. says

    I love having my children make birthday and Christmas presents for family and friends. I give them a bunch of different supplies and let them go at it. Thanks!

  63. Yesenia says

    I just let them explore their creativity with regular things they have around them. For example, my son made a “boxtar” with a shoebox and rubberbands (guitar box), then pretended to play and sing with it.

  64. Wendi says

    one thing i do is in Dec everyday the crazy elf that we have around here leaves them something artsy craftys that deals has a Christmas theme and my kids take off from there with what ever it is they get

  65. Wendi Scharrer says

    My tip would be…keep it simple! Nature walk to discover insects, leaves, clouds, plants, etc in the back yard or your nearest park. Draw & color a picture then write a short story about your adventure. Makes great art work to display on your fridge or framed! You could also collect leaves press, identify and collect in a book. Don’t forget to date for future reference. :)

  66. Mary Williams says

    Constantly giving them new things to try! Whether it’s a paint bag, or some home made play dough, I try to give my son something new to play with so he doesn’t get bored!

  67. Rachael Henzman says

    My tip is set up a table full of anything creative and just let the kids go at it for awhile. Another tip is to get involved with them when doing art crafts.

  68. jody jamieson says

    takre them in the kitchen and get them to help you make bread biscuits cup cakes they get to eat them so they will love it or to ice them and make face’s out of lollies eg smarties musk sticks

  69. elaine bolduc says

    we like to play “whats missing” we fill a tray with many different things from the “junk drawer” and then cover it with a towel and we all take turns trying to remember what was in the tray, with one person in charge of the tray at a time, if we are stuck then the person in charge of the tray gives hints as to what is left in the tray. its fun, and helps to develop their minds and memory.

  70. Belinda says

    We keep a big box full of craft stuff. Feathers, paper, glue, buttons, sequins, etc. It always gets the kids interested when they’re bored.

  71. Jessica E Ledford says

    I look at Pinterest for ideas! I especially love to use things I have on hand and repurpose things!

    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  72. Kathleen Hiskey says

    The internet can be such a helpful tool to help you figure out how to keep them busy without huges messes and you can find all sorts of creative things for kids of all ages to do. Always remember to search and bookmark and pin your finds for yourself(pins make great bookmarks lol) the possibilities are endless! thanks for the chance to win 😉

  73. Jen Gibbons says

    I keep construction paper and crayons, pencil crayons and go to the dollar store to buy foam stickers, or foam animal kits, so that if we have a really bored day we can make things or make holiday decorations if it’s a holiday…

  74. Brittany Poole says

    My son and I sit down and do a craft everyday…maybe just drawing or painting. We’ve made playdough and our own bubbles before. We especially like to make holiday crafts and birthday crafts. Pinterest gives us lots of ideas.

  75. Isabelle Simard says

    Here we are keeping all boxes and funny clothes ..Imagination do the rest. Pirate one day, princess after, Captain in a submarine…No limit !!

  76. Cassandra Eastman says

    I let my 3 year old collect rocks and we paint them, or we make puppets out of paper bags. We just find different ways to make things however we want, it’s so fun!

  77. Kaci says

    I keep my kids creative by doing several different things with them daily, such as making them think of two different nouns and writing a story consisting of those nouns. Cutting up and crafting paper into different shapes, cutting 2 liter bottles and making them into birdhouses, etc. =D Were a creative family.

  78. Joanna says

    I let my two year old son draw on the window with crayons for as long as he wants. Once he’s done drawing on the window, I clean the window.

  79. Peter Schott says

    Give them freedom to be themselves and use their imagination. Listen, give them feedback, play with them, and their creativity will flourish.

  80. Bernice says

    We have bin’s with crafting supplies and We make decoration’s for special occasions …Halloween, Easter , Christmas etc

  81. Elizabeth says

    My kids LOVE projects. I stock up on items when they go on clearance (esp. after the holidays), and I keep everything in a big craft bin. There is no telling where their imaginations will take them.

  82. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I make sure they spend time outside each day. If that doesn’t work and they tell me they are bored, I let them know about all the chores that need done and somehow that seems to spark their creativity! haha

  83. Louise says

    I make sure there are art/craft supplies with easy access for her, so she can start a project whenever the mood hits her.

  84. clare rey says

    I do a little prep work in the morning so my son looks forward to the craft while at school- and thinks about what he wants to do

  85. Natalie U says

    expose them at a young age to coloring and painting and drawing instead of sitting in front of the tv
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  86. Rachel Ramey says

    They need help to be creative? 😉 Seriously, I don’t have to do much. Just give them the supplies/tools, and then encourage their work.

  87. Amber says

    I keep the kids creative by doing crafts with them like making ornaments for Christmas or collecting objects in nature and making sculptures!

  88. Rochel S says

    I try to get toys that my son needs to use his imagination for, usually not the toys with sounds and beeping etc. We also have an arts n crafts table with crayons, markers etc.

  89. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Creating a chalkboard table where they can feel free to draw all over the table and it comes right off with an eraser!

  90. PinkySwayers says

    My tip for keeping kids creative is to limit the number of toys available to them at any one time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. says

    I buy craft things for my daughter and make sure she is stocked with paper and colors. I also give my children free play times to just be themselves, use their imagination, etc.

  92. Darlene Owen says

    To keep them creative make sure they have plenty of supplies to work with. Have sample projects so they have ideas to work from.

  93. says

    Make sure there are plenty of materials – and when it comes to mess, don’t sweat the small stuff. A great investment is a huge roll of paper table cloths with the plastic backing.

  94. Lyndsay says

    My kids and I browse pinterest together for a new craft idea every day!! Recently their fave activity is transforming recyclables into works of art.

  95. Miranda Welle says

    The kids have free access to all the paint, paper, and other “craft” supplies whenever they want! They are in a cupboard at their level!

  96. Leslie G. says

    I give them “trash” to play with… packing materials, boxes, cardboard that might come in hubby’s shirts. They use it to make robots and trains and all sorts of stuff. And it’s free!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  97. Sarah W says

    My tip is to not hover; give them some space and let them explore freely. That’s how they learn!

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  98. Carla Garcia says

    i like to mix up activities and switch up what they are using from watercolors to pudding colors or shaving cream colors,e ct

  99. Monique Rizzo says

  100. Chev Sopkin says

    I keep an art supply armoir in our dining room that my 3yr old son can access for paper, finger paints, chalk, markers, glue & craft accessories. He is very good about asking or letting me know what he is doing at all times. This boy would tell on himself if he did something, so I never need to worry that he will get into something he shouldn’t when it comes to our cabinet. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid crayons on walls for the last 2 years!
    We do crafts together daily & I often give him the freedom to choose or offer up 1-3 choices. I enjoy his creativity just as much as he does :)

  101. Jennie Yuen says

    I have many crafts in my son’s playroom. He likes to draw and color so he has a box of crayons and markers with paper ready when he wants to get creative.

  102. Juli Guthrie says

    We do crafts as a family, the boys always have access to paper, markers, and scissors and at least once a week we dig up a “special” project.

  103. Mandy Blank says

    We do stories where my son provides the next line in the story. You never know what stories he’s going to come up with!!

  104. Jessica H. says

    I try and expose my girls to a variety of creative arts. I love having projects we can work on together. Just recently we completed a pop cap jewelry kit from them and their friends. They had so much fun!

  105. nannypanpan says

  106. Jeanine says

    I always keep paper, stickers, markers and crayons in a bin and ask my granddaughters to make something after we read a story

  107. Katie Rose says

    I don’t have everything available all the time. Rotating different materials (or even just toys) helps them to seem new and fresh for my kids.

  108. Crystal F says

    Don’t restrict what they can do with available items. Let them come up with out of the box ideas of fun things to do or make. Thank you!

  109. Christine W says

    I encouraged my daughter and now my grandson to use their imagination when it comes to doing things. I often included my daughter in class projects that I had for my high school math students. She enjoyed making things just like her mother. I also taught her how to bake and sew at an early age.

  110. Sam Stamp says

    I’m always trying to keep things fresh and let their minds wander and wonder and see what their imaginations can come up with!

  111. Michelle Macaluso says

  112. Eileen says

    offer choices and don’t push for perfection…let them BE creative by allowing some flexibility on projects. And remember that lots of supplies for projects are FREE, like containers and newspapers, old paper towel rolls and egg cartons, and of course BOXES…kids just gravitate to them for some reason!

  113. Kimberly Lish says

    I follow a lot of craft blogs and try to set up projects with my son as often as possible. I also try to be flexible and let him take the lead on projects since it’s more important that he expresses himself than it is to have a finished project that looks like it came from the pages of a magazine.

  114. Jemima P says

    I try to set aside some creativity time every day. I also limit their tv time and computer time, so they’re more inclined to spend time being creative.

  115. michelle says

    Make everyday tasks fun for kids by making up silly songs and encourage verbal participation as well as motions. “fly” the used paper to the waste basket singing I believe I can fly…throw the trash away and touch the sky.

  116. michelle says

    Make everyday tasks fun for kids by making up silly songs and encourage verbal participation as well as motions. “fly” the used paper to the waste basket singing I believe I can fly…throw the trash away and touch the sky!
    Take a field trip to the back yard and explore. Let kids pick up leaves grass branches…make up a story letting them choose character names and so on about lil Bobby was so tiny he could fit on a leaf and the wind would blow him here and there. Let them make up most of the story.

  117. michelle says

    Make everyday tasks fun for kids by making up silly songs and encourage verbal participation as well as motions. “fly” the used paper to the waste basket singing I believe I can fly…throw the trash away and touch the sky!
    Take a field trip to the back yard and explore. Let kids pick up leaves grass branches…make up a story letting them choose character names and so on about lil Bobby was so tiny he could fit on a leaf and the wind would blow him here and there. Let them make up most of the story but encourage adventure.

  118. Mike Davis says

    We home school our kids, so there a lot of chalk drawings, gardening,hiking, fishing,reading–coloring–sand castles–finger painting etc.

  119. Renee Richardson says

    I always encourage them to be themselves and do what makes them happy. I noticed that is when they are most creative. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  120. Lisa Hackney says

    I keep tons of construction paper, printer paper, scrapbook paper and crayons, markers, paints etc. available for the kids at all times. We also do family craft projects. Since we have 10 in total, it’s worth it to me to buy craft kits like the ones used in VBS and let each child do one!

  121. Kimberlie says

    We have a crafts cupboard full of art and craft supplies. I send the kids there when they start to get a case of the “I’m bored!”‘s. We also encourage free play and time outside everyday!k

  122. jennifer ebner says

    I try to do at least one art project a week or take my kids to the art museum for classes there – i think letting them learn and practice art keeps them busy and learning.

  123. Aldra Wolfe says

    I always make sure my son has access to plenty of art and craft supplies as well as toys and games that encourage imaginative play.

  124. Christine S says

    I don’t know if my 4 year old just came with a huge imagination, or if I helped a bit. Right now she’s in a drawing phase. You know “Simon’s Cat” on YouTube? There are “how to draw” videos for almost every character. She LOVES to watch them and then draws the characters herself. Then she’ll make up new characters and do her own “how to video.” So right now all she needs is a pen and paper and she’s good to go.

  125. Dawn Daugherty says

    I love finding new craft ideas when they were real lil it was crayons and paper , now its great cuz they use there imagination with all materials even natural stuff. But i come across alot of ideas from the internet and friends and school that we make and sometimes we put our own twist to a old idea. FUN !!!!

  126. Susan Clarke says

    I’m a huge crafter myself, so I love that my almost 3 yr old loves them too. Her favourite thing is glueing. A pice of paper/foam some glue and whatever we can find to stick down makes her the happiest! MY 10 month olds fave is yogurt painting..a little food dye in the yogurt and she’s off!

  127. Melanie Pates says

    I keep my kids creative by letting them make art projects with everyday items around the house. Like uncooked spaghetti noodles, paper plates, etc

  128. Jenafer Barker says

    I laminated some of my kids favorite characters, dot to dot by numbers and letters. They can color draw trace and wipe it clean. For my youngest he uses dry erase crayons (the friction helps young children to write/draw better until they have obtained the fine skills. My oldest uses dry erase markers. Clean up is easy which is great for a single mommy like me.

  129. Gretchen Gerth says

    My granddaughter and I like to imagine things, we go fairy hunting in the small woods by our house. We make wings and tools to use in our search.

  130. Gretchen Gerth says

    My granddaughter and I like to imagine things, we go fairy hunting in the small woods by our house. We make wings and tools to use in our search. .

  131. tina m says

    We do coloring books, stickers, playdoh, cutting paper and glue to paper. Foam cut outs to make pictures. We are busy all day :-)

  132. Keisa Rogers says

    I keep all the arts and crafts stuff on the kitchen table where it can be seen every time they walk by … Then they are always making stuff or coloring :)

  133. Jill H says

    I try to encourage them to draw or explore their talents when we are doing crayons, paint, markers,etc. They love Play doh so we do that and I am always looking for creative things for them to do.

  134. Judy Gregory says

    to paraphrase the divine miss m (bette midler). i always kinda thought the best gift for a kid was a pencil and a piece of paper

  135. moonsword says

    Best way to keep them creative is to model the behavior…not only do fun creative projects with them, but do my own as well. Knitting, sewing, sketching and lots of artistic upcycling. :)

  136. Terry Absire Riley says

    We know get on pinterst and browse throught creative things to do and then do a project or decorate a cupcake into a spider, etc. Love Pinterest and so good about getting to spend quality time with your precious gifts from God as well as have a fun filled day.

  137. Terry Absire Riley says

    We log into Pinterest and browse through all the creative crafts, cake decorating, costumes, etc and pick a subject and work on that. It may be decorating cupcakes into spiders, carving pumpkins, crafts, etc. but a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, have fun and watch their faces proud in amazement at their achievement. Anything to keep their minds busy, spend quality time and love every minute of it.

  138. Kathleen Downes says

    My son love to paint and play with playdoh. We also like to collect interesting objects like rocks or pine cones to make into crafts later.

  139. Elena says

    My son loves to get creative, so I keep colored paper, glue, crayons, markers, scissors and other things on the desk where he can reach it and use it any time he wants. And I also look for new ideas online.

  140. Kyla says

    We have an art area… I try to make sure there is lots of art supplies and paper to keep the up imagination! I also try to participate as much as possible, giving out ideas if the creativity juices arent flowin’!

  141. Danielle Ring says

    Does it make me a horrible mom to say that I don’t help my kids stay crafty? I let them color and they do art and stuff at school and church.

  142. Beth Palacios says

    We shut off the TV and they get to chose their project. Either art or dance. Sometimes we put on music and paint to the music. :-)

  143. Candice Hull says

    I try and lead by example. I try to look at things in a different way and show them how to do the same. Even just going for a walk in the park, we will pretend we are knights on a quest and point out the things we see on our journey. It’s about making every day tasks fun.
    Thank you

  144. Tara O. says

    I buy supplies when the school year starts and there are great deals! I always have construction paper, stickers, markers, crayons and coloring books for my daughter!

  145. SHAYNA says

  146. Melissa Nix says

    I always come up with a new art project, whether looking through magazines and online. She designs and decorates the project any way she likes, and it ends up looking a lot better than the original!

  147. Terry Absire Riley says

    Just joined GreenKidCrafts tonight and so excited for my grand-children to get their first box. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and introducing me to some incredible creative companies. Serving as an advocate for Autism as well as having an autistic loved one, this will be a BIG step in the right direction in his development skills. God Bless!

  148. Darcie K says

    My daughter is naturally creative and commonly sees art in everything. While walking down the street, she will find rocks to paint!

  149. Angela Meldahl says

    My little guys are kept “busy” when I take them outside… they <3 being outside and I can get a bit of stuff done while they are busy :)

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