Spring Clean and Keep Green

Now that Spring seems to have finally arrived, and the daylight hours are getting longer, it’s high-time to have a thorough sort out of our mounds of stuff which have accumulated over the past year or so. However, rather than throwing everything away, to save you time, money and the environment, here are some better ways to get rid of old junk:

recycle word cloud

Recycle all the way:

To be eco-friendly whilst tidying and sorting, recycling is the obvious way to go. It will not only reduce the amount sent to landfill, but also reduce pollution, which contributes to global warming. Most towns and cities will have a local recycling centre, which will either collect or receive junk from you. Many forms of plastic, paper, glass, and even clothes, batteries and car parts can be recycled, turning them into new products. So you can lessen your impact on the environment whilst you make an impact on your junk.

Moving on Upcycle:

When you’re going through your stuff, see what can be reused. Upcycling is when sorting gets crafty. By making something out of what you already have you can turn seemingly useless objects into something very useful and creative. Old clothes, furniture, and of course glass, metals and plastics can be manipulated in this way to serve a new and rejuvenated purpose, such as painting glass jars and reusing them as flower vases. This lessens the demand to buy new objects from stores, helping to reduce energy and pollution from harvesting raw materials to produce them. Therefore, having a positive effect on nature with your fun and creative ability to waste not, want not.


We E-cycle:

A growing problem worldwide is what to do with tech-trash. As new technology emerges, our old ‘bricks’ get chucked away, to build up and cause serious pollution issues by releasing poisonous chemicals. This electronic ‘e-waste’ can easily be e-cycled, which will conserve natural resources and prevent contamination of the environment. So, if you want to make a bit of cash whilst making a bit of ‘cyber’ space, you could, for example, sell Nintendo Wii, and it’s games if you wish, on websites such as Music Magpie. You will be offered a good, fair price in exchange for your tech, as well as CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, laptops and mobile phones and more. By accumulating each item you can receive a grand total, so make use of this growing trend to earn some green whilst being green!



  1. Casance Kendrick says

    Thanks for this advice, because I have tons of things that needs to go and I don’t like to just trash them all. I will indeed share this

  2. Rich Hicks says

    Will keep this in mind as we do our spring cleaning. No reason to haul stuff to dump when you do not have too

  3. Dianna Thomas says

    We do recycle some–newspapers, cans,etc.. compost what we can,but this E-cycle looks like its next on our list of to-does–thanks great ideas.

  4. Wendy Mastin says

    There is something for everyone. I give everything that I don’t want to someone or something.

  5. says

    What great ideas! I am getting ready to have a couple of cleaning days around here. I definitely have a lot of recyclable items.. and donate-able stuff for others to up-cycle. Even though I don’t have any electronic items that need to go we do have a local not for profit that recycles, rebuilds and re-purposes!

  6. Jessica Lodge says

    You can also take old computers working or non- working to the Goodwill and they will e-cycle them. On the recycling part many cities have fabric collection for clothes that are too beat up to donate. I live in NYC and our is at the Union Square Farmers Market. Just another way to keep stuff out of our landfills!

  7. Katrina says

    I am getting ready to spring clean myself and alot of my plans were on your list. It so good to be green and e-cycle and recycle. And my big thing this year is def to upcyle which will be fun now that I have so many fun projects pinned on Pinterest!

  8. jo says

    Thank you. I never thought of looking for a site that I could use to sell my clothes. Now to see if there is one in my area.

  9. Tooth Fairy says

    I am totally into the 3 R’s. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”…but I admit the reducing is the hardest part for me. I love to hang on to what I think may be useful “stuff” for future use. It’s a mini hoarding thing I think?
    ( And of course I collect TEETH, lol )

  10. Tina says

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips to lead a clean and green lifestyle. I have never thought to much about E-cycling but after reading this post it is something to think about. Thanks again. Have a wonderful day!!!

  11. Paula V says

    I love recycling and reusing. I recently used a cheese jar to decoupage it with paper and use it to hold combs in the bathroom. Love it.

  12. Manda Lyghts says

    Thanks for sharing the Music Magpie info! I have tons of old cd’s to get rid of and didn’t want to throw them out!

  13. Jill S. says

    Thanks for the great tips on recycling and spring cleaning. There’s many things I learned that I can start doing at home aside from simple recycling.

  14. Karen Hand says

    Very good tips, and I am practicing what you are preaching. I am in the process of my spring cleaning and have donated various things to charitable organizations such as donating stuffed animals to my local fire station and actively participate in an exchange program on the web entitled Freecycle.com. This is a great site and keeps my used items out of the trash pile. Thanks.

  15. Jodi Whisenhunt says

    Excellent tips! I’m currently decluttering our house and have upcycled and recycled quite a few things. We also like to recycle soap slivers.

  16. Stephanie Thompson (Free) says

    I just checked out Music Magpie and am surprised at all the things they buy so I am saving and will be sharing with family members that can’t throw anything away because they are afraid someone can do something with it.

  17. Sylvia Ortiz says

    On excess clothes, electronics, books, toys, etc., we (my husband & I) usually sell them online in “large lots”, so that it looks appealing and a good bargain to the buyers. And, while waiting for the items to sell online, we store the items in large plastic bins (sorted by categories) until sold. If the items don’t sell after two weeks, we give these items to charity; and with everything already bundled & sorted, makes for an easy unloading.

  18. Marcia S says

    Oh I need to look into this E-Cycle thing. I didn’t know you could do something like that. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Kami Dumis says

    Thanks for all the great idea for spring cleaning. I will use some of these ideas as my cleaning gets underway.

  20. Amanda O. says

    I love these tips! Upcycling can be so much fun too…there are a ton of sites to get ideas from. And I’ll have to look into e-cycling – never thought of that before!

  21. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    I just moved or recycling bin right outside my kitchen back door because i wanted to start reducing waste and recycling more

  22. Vickie Couturier says

    we are so trying to upcycle,,ive been looking for ways to reuse items when we are thru with them

  23. Kelly Tanner says

    I love recycling or E-cycling anything I can and making a few bucks out of it is a major plus!

  24. says

    The closest Goodwill Store to me does ecycling. I’m guessing they take the items, replace memory, fix broken items then resell them in the store.
    I have become more mindful of reusing items for other things. Glass candle jars after they’ve been burned become craft, pens, and pencils containers. I use socks that get thin in the toes or have a hole in them for dusting. Just to name a few.

  25. Dona Keyton says

    I not only up cycle, but if there is no hope for the outfit, etc. I usually cut out buttons, zippers, etc and fabric in squares. All in baskets to reuse.

  26. Pam says

    I just love seeing so much interest in upcycling these days. It’s always been fun…now it seems to be popular, too. Thanks for sharing all of the excellent tips.

  27. Daun Slagle says

    These are great tips.. ive been trying to do spring cleaning a little at a time.. it helps to section out tasks and deep clean a bit at a time. Always recycle its the extra little pocket change at the end of the month that saves the day..

  28. Ashley Parks says

    Thanks for the tips! We really feel convicted to recycle and try to as much as possible! I will be checking out Music Magpie!! Never heard of it before, but I have been want to do something will all my old tech stuff … maybe this can help! :)

  29. Heather Garcia says

    I am so glad you posted this… my husband has an old fax machine and we have some broken standing lamps, and had no idea what to do with them. Our town has an ewaste program that I am going to look into.

  30. Caitlan Meador says

    I LOVE this post!!! I have already started spring cleaning room by room and anything we don’t need I am finding a way to reuse it or if possible donate it to someone who can use it :)

  31. Mitzi Fisher says

    Thanks for the tips. I always try to recycle and keep things organized. This really helps out!

  32. says

    yes! recycle! i am always amazed at what people throw in the dump! a lot of it could easily be recycled or taking to donate at goodwill! I guess I am just thrifty and colorado grown!

  33. says

    I have been doing this for years. It helps so much! Great informative article. Now I got one large 20 inch iMac to try & figure what to do with….I sure can’t see just tossing it. It is in need of a new mother board!

  34. Judy L says

    Thanks for the tips. I got a new computer several months ago and I haven’t known what to do with the old one. I have several old cellphones too. Thanks again.

  35. Casance Kendrick says

    I have never been the one to Recycle but after reading this post again, I think I will actually start

  36. Sherry Butcher says

    Thanks for the information about Music Magpie. I have 100’s of CD & DVD that I’ll see about. Even if i get just the cost of postage it’ll be worth it! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Maria Iemma says

    We have so much extra stuff – I am always looking for ways to either find another use or recycle in a concious manner. Thank you for your insight.

  38. crystal lane says

    I recycle all my cans and metal.Dont get much but it helps when your broke and need something.

  39. says

    We really need to sell our Wii, especially since we are considering getting the Nintendo Wii U later this year. My husband never uses and its just collecting dust!

  40. Charlene says

    When I lived at home I tried to recycle as much as I could. Unfortunately where I am now they don’t recycle anything. I have been trying for years to change that.

  41. Rosey says

    That’s a good idea about recycling the video consoles. Once they go out of style and the [grown] kids upgrade, they seem to just sit around collecting dust.

    I also like the idea of repurposing, and it is becoming more popular lately to do so (in no small part to Pinterest, I’m sure).

    Great suggestions all the way around.

  42. DESPINA says

    I have starting with upcycling last year and I find it ahs made me ultra creative, I incorporate old elements even in my jewelry designs…

  43. Gina H. says

    My city has a local recycling center that picks old electronics. It’s such a huge help. I’ve had them pick up old broken computers & TV’s.

  44. Nikki O says

    I do some of these on a daily basis. And try to come up with new ways of recycling or selling off stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

  45. Nikki O says

    I do some of these on a daily basis. And try to come up with new ways of recycling or selling off stuff. I like reading how others do it too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  46. Susan Smith says

    Thanks for this advice, items that I have that aren’t worth selling I giveaway on Feecycle so someone else can use it.

  47. Susan E. says

    Great post. My recycling habits tend to be hit or miss – really need to get in the habit of always doing it. I’d never heard of Music Magpie – looks like a great site!

  48. C. McPheeters says

    Great post! For those who don’t know about it, there’s a site called TerraCycle (google it) where you can sign up to recycle almost everything that CAN be recycled. For participating, recyclers receive points which can be traded in for charitable donations etc. And they even pay the shipping for the items you’re recycling!

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