1. Crystal says

    Happy belated july forth to all my American friends, And especially to Cassie if she see this we will always have the merry go round

  2. says

    Actually that picture was taken yesterday on the fourth! We stayed home, but we still barbecued running in and out of our side door so we wouldn’t melt. Entering the give-away so this is my worthy comment… hehehe Have a great weekend and stay cool. Oh, I’m in Illinois.

  3. Cindy B says

    What a cute photo… love the smile and the camo-bear… family and remembering the sacrifices of our troops is what Independence Day is all about.

  4. says

    Happy 4th! I love the #2 spot with the little chi (never can spell that name of dog) you know the little mexican kind? He or she is really cute in that little outfit!

  5. Suz Saves says

    I love how beautiful fireworks look in the sky! Your 4th of July icon is great! My favorite picture is #2 – Chi Wow Wa…very cute! Thanks for this awesome post!

  6. Dorothy Boucher says

    wow what some great pictures and i can see you all had a wonderful time 😉 thanks for sharing with all of us

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