1. A Painter's Wife says

  2. anthony patrikeyev says

    such an amazing picture. a picture that can always be looked upon from the future to show the simple and yet beautiful moments of life

  3. gigi n jimmy borden says

    this is such a beautiful picture of daddy and his babies. Nothing compares to the love of a parent, especially a daddy! You are truly blessed!

  4. Kathryn says

    What a sweet father picture, capturing the essence of his love for the children and theirs for him. Precious!

  5. Danielle Williams says

    You have such a beautiful family! I love this because it isnt so staged it looks (and I am sure it is) very genuine!

  6. Liz Ticona says

    This photo is amazing, i love how the kids are present yet being kids at the same time not looking straight at the camera, i like that they all look natural and not “posey” such a genuine loving family picture, I’m sure you love it! :)

  7. Alicia Ransom says

    What a beautiful photo & I really love how they are all not looking at the camera ,makes it seem like they were just hanging & loving on Dad~~~ this is Priceless

  8. deb kovac says

    What a great family photo. Your kids are going to cheers this photo when they get older. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  9. Tim Stephens says

    This is such a great daddy picture. I have one daughter 2 yrs. and I love her hanging on me. I’ve got another daughter due in Nov and I hope to get a pic like this with both of them someday. Great family.

  10. Christa Krebs says

    How adorable! You have an absolutely beautiful family! Thanks for sharing such a great pic : )

  11. Sunray Freedom says

    I just love this picture and the title says it all! If only I could get my kids to hold still. =)

  12. says

    I love the way your children are just doing their own thing in this photo! Most of the time, Moms are asking that the children smile at the camera and it just looks so “plastic” to me! In this picture, they are just being themselves and it makes the photo just that much more precious!

  13. kristie belding says

    I have to remember to have my husband do this with our little girl. Should have pinned him down and did a shot with him at a friends wedding where our tot was a flower girl!

  14. Amber Nara says

    This photo of your hubby and kids just warms my heart! They all look so happy and peaceful and the image is just nothing less then pure perfection! Kids still so full of there innocence and little hearts….*sniff-sniff* GREAT PIC!!

  15. Carissa N. says

    Such a sweet picture! I love the look of absolute pride & contentment on your husband’s face – nothing sweeter than a man who is so in love with his family!

  16. Patricia Williams says

    I love the formal wear and the relaxed pose. It looks like they were caught roofing playing when they were supposed to be serious.

  17. Bonnie Silver says

    Love the family photo of your husband and children. I wish I had one like that but my youngest would never want her picture taken. Now she has 3 daughters of her own and the middle one closes her eyes and the youngest makes faces. Can’t win. I guess I should take them anyway I can get them, huh? Beautiful family.

  18. Sharon Hamilton Freeman says

    This is an awesome picture of a dad and his kids who are so important to him! I lost my dad a little over a year ago and this reminded me of how close a dad and his kids can be! Thank you and God bless your family!

  19. Suzanne Shattuck says

    Your family is absolutely stunning! Your husband looks so debonaire yet the love for his family shows in his eyes! You need to start watching out for the boys knocking on the door soon though! That picture is one that truly captures love in a family!

  20. Carren Larsen says

    You have a beautiful family. I love taking pictures of mine, and it’s so hard to get them all together now that they’re grown. The pictures from when they were younger mean so much to me.

  21. Joliene D. says

    I LOVE this shot – other than everyone is looking quite sharp, I love that your husband has a soft “proud Dad” look into the lens, with the kids all doing their own thing. Definitely a ‘blow up or canvas it for the all’ shot! I love the photos that are more relaxed & natural –as in, the pics where everyone is doing their thing, not the posed formality type shots. Not that theres anything wrong with them, I just prefer the spontanious shots.

  22. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    I love this photo. I love the way the kids are all looking somewhere other than the camera. It captures their youth and innocence so well. They are precious =D

  23. Michelle Cuevas says

    Beautiful family and picture that captures the simple things in life and the proudness shining in his eyes.

  24. Rachel Smith says

    Oh my, what a CUTE and adorable family you have. You have some great photography skills too. I enjoyed looking through your other pictures too. Can’t wait to see more. Your hubby looks great, you have a keeper!

  25. Alvilynn Kumagai says

    You can never go wrong with a family photo. It’s even more adorable when you capture the candid moments. :)

  26. Jacquelynn says

    This is such a cute photo. I’ve never been but it looks like a lot of fun based on the photos you have posted. I can see the love in their eyes. :) So cuteeee.

  27. Susan E. says

    What an awesome photo – you have a beautiful family! I love that only your husband is looking directly into the camera.

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