Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack Giveaway

Just the word bed bug creeps me out and gives me a case of the itches. Can you imagine if your home and mattress was infested with them? No one wants to go through an experience such as that. Rest assured there is help and those pesky little biters can go away.

Bed bugs have come back strong over the last decade, keeping more and more people from sleeping tight. Now is the time to take control with a smart action plan – before the bed bugs bite.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s critical to detect and treat an infestation early. Take the “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite” QUIZ and download the “5 Must-Know Facts” PDF for a few tips on how to spot a budding bed bug problem.


And if you suspect an infestation, be sure to contact your Orkin professional. who will inspect your home thoroughly and design a treatment that’s right for you.

Visit Orkin.com or call 877-412-6806 for a free estimate.

Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack

One lucky winner will receive a Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack.

Giveaway ends March 20th at 11:59pm, open to US residents, ages 18+. Each household is only eligible to win Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack (2 mattress Safe Pillowsafe protectors) via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

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  1. Cindy Trego says

    Bed bugs freak me out.. I have two younger boys and I know how inportant it is to keep linens clean and bed clean. Hope to win.

  2. Mary Diehl says

    I really know my stuff, lol. I try to read up on things since I live in the woods and worry about bugs, snakes and critters.

  3. Jenifer Moore says

    I missed the carbon dioxide one.
    It must be a very frustrating situation and I heard even the experts don’t seem to clear them out completely sometimes.

  4. Alison says

    I am a Bed Bug Brainiac, but sounds like a lot of people would be that way, too. I too worry more about snakes and critters, and should be worried about these. But I also work with a company that is pest prevention – so I know a thing or two. It is scary when you think about it, thanks for sharing!

  5. Fallon Rodriguez says

    I am a bed bug buff. These little critters are so scary and nasty. I have two little ones and do not want those bugs around my babies.

  6. jill satterwhite says

    Oh gawd I need this my husband travels alot and stays in hotels….Ug Im a brainiac.. is that bad or good?

  7. tracey barfield says

    I so ope I never face this problem I think I would have to get a new bed because it would be hard for me to forget the bugs were there

  8. robyn donnelly says

    I’m a bed bug buff too. My oldest reads everything about mattresses so hard not to know that.

  9. Thia beniash says

    I am a bed bug buff. I am so afraid of getting them. No matter what the defense, it can still happen. My friend bought a new mattress and they where in it! Could you imagine? A brand new mattress! Ugh!

  10. says

    one of our family members thinks she might have bed bugs. have read up on it and know that they are very hard to find and to kill . so to win and to try would be a great releaf .

  11. says

    one of our family members thinks she might have bed bugs. have read up on it and know that they are very hard to find and to kill . so to win and to try would be a great releaf .

  12. says

    I’m what they call a Bed Bug Brainiac. All I know is that having bugs in my bed would freak me out to the point I would burn it before sleeping in it. I don’t do bugs especially in my bed so I would love to protect it just incase. That way if I see a bug I could kill it and get rid of the little buggers before they invaded my pillow and mattress with these protectors. Thanks for sharing them!!!

  13. Angela Saver says

  14. lissa crane says

    I got the Bed Bug Buff! I think this will be great for travel as well! I always take my own pillow on the train with me, so this is a great product for me!

  15. Kathy Lane says

    I’m a Bed Bug Brainiac! This problem with bed bugs always worries me when I stay at motels and hotels.

  16. Heather Poindexter says

    Ive had them and I am very clean. I still itch! I can only assume that they came from a dressing room.

  17. curiouskit10 says

    Bed bug brainiac. Can you tell I’ve had roommates all too recently? I mean it’s way too easy to get bed bugs through something innocent like hotel stays when you’re a very clean person, but roommates really upped my paranoia.

  18. heidi eaton says

    Looks like I’m a bed bug buff but that’s only because I’ve been looing into it lately. We’ve had a few people in our complex that have had a problem with these nasty little critters and I’m afraid of getting them as well.

  19. Lynn C says

    I got Brainiac, but I’m still nervous about staying in a hotel this month because I’m afraid of what I might bring home. A friend of mine got a horrible infestation because his sister was staying at a hotel then came to visit him, unknowingly bringing the bugs along in her luggage and a pillow she’d borrowed from the hotel.

  20. Cynthia R says

    I am a bed bug buff. My friends apartment complex got bed bugs, the complex tried to spray/terminate but they kept coming back so they moved

  21. melissa cushing says

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous giveaway! This is an amazing giveaway given the issue arising in the last few years with bed bugs…. Yikes!

  22. Janette Polivka says

    It says I am a Bed Bug Buff. The only reason I know anything about them is because I had them a few months ago. And let me tell you it is like something you have never experienced, and do not want to. To this day I still am unable to sleep in my room. I haven’t even got a mattress since throwing my out. I would love to win this because it is so very expensive to treat and help prevent and unfortunately I can’t afford it. But I do the best I can and I pray all the time!

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