New App for Kids: Jamaroos Musical ABCs

Pint-sized maestros are set to master their phonics skills with the brand-new Jamaroos Musical ABCs app! Developed by Iggy Learning, publisher of educational children’s books and mobile apps, Jamaroos Musical ABCs helps preschoolers get “in tune” with the fundamentals of reading through alphabet-based activities and an irresistible cast of musical feathered and furry characters combined with vibrant animation and effects from the founder of Reel FX Creative Studios (Free Birds). Designed for children ages 2 to 6, Jamaroos Musical ABCs is now available on the App Store, Google Play and Kindle Fire for Android for a special introductory price of $1.99 – and coming soon on NOOK by Barnes & Noble.


Jamaroos Musical ABCs brings to life a colorful menagerie of 26 animals – one for each letter of the alphabet – through enchanting animated musical performances. A medley of phonetic sounds, letters, words, stackable images, and music, plus loads of interactive touch points and zany sound effects, spring forth from the screen to jumpstart preschoolers’ reading and vocabulary skills and stimulate their imagination.

The new app is filled with hidden surprises and hundreds of opportunities for young users to tap, drag, swipe, and learn! Users simply drag each letter of the alphabet to the center of the stage to bring a different animal character – from Al the Alligator to Zap the Zebra – into the “spotlight” and start the show! Icons on the base of the stage reveal a variety of movable images that begin with the same letter as the character’s name. Kids can “unleash” additional alphabet characters, each complete with their own unique musical performance and corresponding words and sound effects, with the touch of a finger!

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Among the dynamic features of Jamaroos Musical ABCs are:

  • ·         26 vividly illustrated and animated animal performances, with each letter character playing original music on their own special instrument
  • ·         104 vocabulary words chosen to help users develop phonetic correctness and prepare preschoolers to learn to read
  • ·         416 movable and stackable icons to illustrate words, strengthen fine motor skills and provide hours of educational play
  • ·         Audio pronunciation to reinforce phonetic sounds, letters, and words
  • ·         Entertaining and surprising interactive elements, visual and sound effects to discover on each page
  • ·         Special “rewards” for successfully completing the activities
  • ·         Musical instrument descriptions that provide background on both familiar and exotic instruments
  • ·         Music and sound on/off settings
  • ·         No in-app purchases or advertising

About Iggy Learning

Iggy Learning, LLC is a publisher of children’s books and educational mobile applications. The company is a collaboration between Reading Friends, a Fort Worth, TX-based preschool franchise founded in 1981 by Nancy Thompson Spencer, and award-winning animation and visual effects producer Dale Carman, founder and Executive Creative Director of Reel FX Creative Studios in Dallas, TX and Santa Monica, CA. Iggy Learning created the 26 Jamaroos Jungle friends to teach language skills and social skills to students in its Reading Friends preschool, which is known for its Alphabet Phonics Curriculum. Based on its success using the Jamaroos characters and their stories in the classroom, the company developed apps to provide a fun and entertaining learning experience for children everywhere. For more information about Iggy Learning and Jamaroos, visit:

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  1. Nice.

  2. My daughter would have loved this when she was younger!

  3. This is so neat!

  4. eric rivera says:

    i am in love with this my 3 yr old is autistic but he loves games especially interactive ones and we try to get him learning ones to keep him one step ahead and this seems like it would suit us all

  5. ellen beck says:

    I like educational apps. I feel unlike just games that there is some substance to them. I also like that most educational apps are reasonably priced or free.

  6. Maria Iemma says:

    This would be a great app to download for my granddaughter. She is just turning three and loves to play on my iPad.

  7. как похудеть за 2 месяца says:

    Commonly I wouldn’t discover article on sites, having said that i wish to point out that this kind of write-up extremely pushed me personally to look at and also practice it! Your way of writing has become amazed my family. Many thanks, quite fantastic article.

  8. This is adorable! My kids are a little beyond this now, but if they were a little younger, I’d definitely get this app for them. Apps make the world go ’round, I swear. :)

  9. Eileen Richter says:

    I will forward this post to my daughter. Her 2 year old would love this. And I also got a good idea for a gift for Christmas. She got an iPad (lucky girl) for her bday in October…I never thought about the apps she can now buy! I like that the kids get “rewards” for getting answers right on this one. Rewards do so work for this age.

  10. It looks like a cute program for teaching kids their abcs and more!

  11. i think this App is a really good one. I am going to look into getting it for my Littles.

  12. md Kennedy says:

    I just love all these new education apps for kids. It is so hard to say “no” to screen time, but if you can make it educational, that takes some of the negative out of it.

  13. THis would be great for my 2yo granddaughter who loves to play on her mom’s iPad.

  14. It looks like a cute program for kids

  15. Jenn Oldaker says:

    Going to tell my sister about this! Looks like something she would love for her son and to pass on to her families at work. She is the director of an early head start program :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. I find it amazing that we just kind of expect a 2-6 year old to use an app. But, I have seen my 3 yr old grandson handle an i pad like a pro. just whipping through it. It is amazing! Thanks. Vicki.

  17. Bernice Kalisz says:

    Makes me want an IPad great grandson would love this he loves learning games and is always excited when he goes up in levels he is 4.

  18. This is so neat for the little ones. They learn easily when singing. This sounds like a terrific product.

  19. Diana Cote says:

    Thank you, I ma always looking for new apps for my daughter who’s a toddler. She loves her alphabets and numbers and music. She will surely love this one. 😀

  20. Danielle Cordeau says:

    Oh great!! Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m always looking for more ‘good’ apps for my children to use. I will have to check this one out.

  21. Michelle F. says:

    My daughter would love that.

  22. Sarah Vegetabile says:

    My son is going to love this.He is four and I am always on the look-out for apps for him! Thank You

  23. DENISE SMITH says:

    I really like this

  24. Michael Lambert says:

    My daughter loves anything musical, so I bet she would like this.

  25. Georgia Beckman says:

    I recently got a Google Nexus 7, for the sole purpose of the grandchildren. This will be a great app for the 3 littlest ones! And I just checked, it’s still at $1.99. Thanks!

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