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MONSTERS UNIVERSITY releases in theaters on June 21st!



  1. Tina says

    We loved Monsters, Inc. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Looks great. I can’t wait for the DVD to join our collection.

  2. md kennedy says

    I just love Sully! Cannot wait to see this movie. My 2 year-old grandson has not been to a movie yet, so maybe I’ll take him!

  3. Paula V says

    Cute. The big guy is adorable…a little “freaky” said lightly the one-eyed guy. Kinda makes me feel cross eyed. LOL

  4. annie page says

    The first movie was great and my grand kids saw it several times on the big screen on tv and got the dvd and I know they are going to be driving everyone crazy until that get to see the new one I am sure it will be as good as the last one

  5. Shar says

    Very fun…we will look forward to it! Great entertainment for the whole family. Thanks for sharing the trailer.

  6. Jimmy Arcade says

    I really enjoyed Monsters, Inc., so I’m looking forward to seeing this. Thank you for sharing the trailer!

  7. Bella Taul says

    The preview is pretty funny. We will give this movie a try since the first one was so good. :)

  8. carla bonesteel says

    The Monsters have been my favorite since the first movie! I’m going to have to drag my boyfriend to this one…LOL

  9. kim s says

    Hahahaha! This looks fantastic! It will be a great movie for the whole family to enjoy! I love the slug at the end lol :-)

  10. Alison says

    Love the trailer – I haven’t seen it before. My daughter cannot wait to see this, thanks for posting and we will be going in the first week or two – can’t wait!

  11. says

    Even the man of the house wants to see this one. He really liked the first one and he usually doesn’t care to watch the kids movies much. I on the other hand love watches them and I too can’t wait to see it in June.

  12. Stephanie says

    This movie looks so cute. I really loves the first one and can’t wait to check this one out. Thanks for sharing!

  13. says

    We love Monsters Inc.. When it was first shown, my son wanted to watch it every single day that we knew each line by heart. Looking forward to this movie

  14. Allyson Becker says

    This is fabulous. I was such a fan of the first movie. I definitely want to see the second one.

  15. ANN*H says

    This movie sounds like it going to be a good one. Not only do the grandkids love this kind of movie so do us adults. Can wait to see it. thanks

  16. Amanda Beahn says

    This movie looks like something my kids would adore since my son and daughter both loves Monster Inc.

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