Drive Smarter with the Magellan SmartGPS #Giveaway

Drive Smarter with the Magellan SmartGPS #Giveaway
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Looking to give Dad the latest in automotive technology but a new car is not in the budget this holiday season?  Magellan’s SmartGPS is the perfect gift that will turn Dad’s car (or Mom’s car) into a Connected Car with Smartphone integration for only $250 (available at Best Buy).  SmartGPS will not only guide you to your destination quickly and safely, it will also give you:

1)    Trip planning in the comfort of your home.  Use your smartphone (Free iPhone and Android apps) to plan where you want to go, then with the touch of a button send the destinations to the SmartGPS in your car. SmartGPSmakes trips safer, easier, and more fun for both you and your children.
2)    Yelp & Foursquare – Discover new restaurants, shops and interesting places, with real-time information from Yelp & Foursquare displayed on the SmartGPS screen. Instantly and seamlessly navigate to those locations on the larger SmartGPS.
3)    Fuel prices. No need to hunt for the lowest fuel prices because SmartGPS will display fuel prices at nearby stations based on your location, directly on the device screen.
4)    Wireless Back-up Camera compatibility – combine Magellan’s SmartGPS with a back-up camera, and you are aware of people, places and things in front of you, behind you, and around you.

So what are you waiting for? Drive Smarter with the Magellan’s SmartGPS!

The Magellan SmartGPS brings a whole new level of performance to vehicle navigation systems. The SmartGPS is really more than just a navigation system, with advance features that provide valuable information and services. I have always been a fan of using my Android powered phone for navigation, but after using the SmartGPS, I have found many more features and uses then what I had been use to.


  • Cloud Connection – Allows you to sync your SmartGPS, smartphone and desktop or tablet to share information across all devices.
  • 5″ High-resolution Capacitive Touchscreen – Extra wide 5″ glass touchscreen gives you more viewing area.
  • Yelp & Foursquare – Read reviews, short tips and discover great deals in relation to your location.
  • Gas Prices – Locate the lowest fuel prices around you.
  • Traffic Camera Alerts – Receive audible and visual warnings of red light and speed cameras along your route, provided by PhantomALERT.. 1 Year Free.
  • Weather – 5 day weather forecast of your preferred 5 cities.
  • Best Parking – Provides parking garage locations, hours of operation and directions to the entrance.
  • Lifetime Map Upgrades – Never worry about out-of-date maps again. Download the latest map information (up to 4 times a year) for the life of your Magellan navigator.
  • Free Lifetime Traffic – Warns you of reported traffic events that may delay you and provides alternative route suggestions
  • Wi-Fi – Allows downloading of Cloud Connection features, use of Android browser and wireless software updates without an extra subscription.
  • Internet Browser – Wi-Fi Web Browser allows you to search for destinations from any location with a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Bluetooth Speakerphone – Integrated Bluetooth technology turns your navigator into a hands-free speakerphone, making your commute time more productive.
  • Back-up Camera Compatible – As you put your car into reverse, your Magellan navigator will automatically switch into rear-view mode allowing you to see what is behind your car- including children, pets and toys.
  • Landmark Guidance – Receive directions using 9 categories of landmarks as your guide, making it a more intuitive way to navigate.
  • Junction View – Realistic images of freeway signs and arrows provide advanced warning guiding you to the correct lane to make driving easier, safer and less stressful.
  • Speed Limits – Manage your speed along your route with optional settings for visual and audible alerts.
  • OneTouch™ Favorites Menu – Find your favorite restaurant, bank, gas station and more in any city with a single touch. Easily create shortcuts to your favorite destinations and previous searches with personalized bookmarks so you can quickly find them anywhere you travel.
  • Spoken Street Names – Hear street names and directions for a clear understanding of when to make the next turn while you keep your eyes on the road.
  • QuickSpell® with SmartCity Search – As you type the first few letters of your target address QuickSpell instantly narrows the search based on your destination.
  • 7 Million of Points of Interest (POI) – Search and route to millions of preloaded destinations such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, attractions and other points of interest.
  • Preloaded Premium Maps – Travel the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada with all the maps you need, pre-loaded on your device.
  • Auto Night View – Adjusts color and contrast for easy night viewing.

Red light camera and speed alerts have become some of my favorite features of the SmartGPS then I never knew I missed. Recently I used the SmartGPS on a trip through 5 states over the course of 9 days, and realized how helpful the speed alerts are when traveling in unfamiliar areas. Being able to glance at the SmartGPS and see the speed limit saved me from the costly mistake of missing a posted speed limit and getting a speeding ticket. Although not the most impressive feature of the SmartGPS it has been one of my favorites.

The on screen displays provides several ways to display information that is very helpful. With the default display your navigation that’s up around ⅔ of the display and to the right is a grid of 4 flip style icons providing you with a constant updating list of nearby places. I found this layout to be great for nearly all my navigation needs. The nice thing about it was how simple it was to see more or less information. Using the on screen scroll wheel I could extend the navigation screen to the full size of the display. This becomes useful when you need to see a bigger picture of the area you are in. When I wanted to see more information I could easily scroll the other way and bring up a full screen of different  informational content squares.

These on screen content squares provide a wealth of quick, easy to access information about what is nearby without the need to search for it. content squares are organized into groups,that update and scroll through the items in each group in each tile. For example you may see one that has gas stations that will flip through gas stations nearby while also showing you the gas price and distance away. That alone is a big money saver when you can find the cheapest gas price without have to check all the gas stations nearby first.

Other content squares provide relevant information about what is nearby such as traffic delays, stores and restaurants. This information is available to you, without the need to search for it and become distracted from your driving.

Aside from all the great features the SmartGPS has to offer the main thing is how well it can get you from point A to point B. The SmartGPS excels at this as well. I was surprised when I started using the SmartGPS to here directions like “In half a mile turn right just past the Shell service station.” Wow, really not only can you tell me where to turn but you will include landmarks to make it that much easier. This alone has kept me from having to double back because the street I was suppose to turn on didn’t have a road sign and I missed it. Now instead of hunting for a street sign that might not be there, I knew to where to turn based on what store was on the corner. It is also much easier to pay attention to the road, since I could spot a store from a few blocks away versus trying to find a street sign when I was getting close.

The SmartGPS doesn’t stop there. With additional features such as connection to your phone via bluetooth for hands free calling to Yelp and Foursquare reviews for nearby places. The SmartGPS shines as a navigation system, but is also so much more. It is more like a central communications hub for your vehicle. With companion smartphone apps for Android and iOS the SmartGPS provides a level of functionality that you won’t find any other GPS navigation device.

Magellan-SmartGPS (1)

Winner will receive a Magellan SmartGPS {RV$249.99}.

Giveaway ends October 3rd at 11:59pm, open US residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

Organized by Mom to Bed by 8 and A Medic’s World. Co-hosted by My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life and Capri’s Coupons.

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  1. I would feel more safe going to see my niece and nephew in MO. I am always afraid I will get lost on my own. I rode with my cousin out of town and loved the way her GPS got us there with no problems.

  2. I’d like to visit my sister in Saint Matthews,SC.There are so many historical sites I’d love to visit too.

  3. I would go to RedWing, MN.

  4. I would use this to visit my sister in St. Louis. The construction is always horrible there so I often have to take alternate routes and it’s easy to get lost.

  5. I’d visit family outside the state.

  6. I would go anywhere with this, I would take a trip to Oregon from Florida..Look out Road Trip! Here I come!

  7. I live in a small town so I go shopping for clothes and other items in Houston. This would help me find some smaller retailers to shop at instead of just hitting the major malls.

  8. We would use this for when we go to Pittsburgh, Pa and Syracuse, NY. We are always getting lost or just can’t find things in these two cities and this would be fantastic to have with us.

  9. I would drive across the country.

  10. I would use to go to Florida to visit my brother and his family

  11. I’d take this Magellan EVERYWHERE! It would be particularly helpful when we go on vacation to New Orleans next month!

  12. I would use this to get to the Detroit Airport….we get lost every time we drive there!

  13. i get lost alll the time

  14. I would go to Branson, MO

  15. Everywhere!

  16. We have a daughter who will be going away to college next year. I would love to win this for her to use since she will be fairly new at getting herself around to and from college.

  17. I would go to Durand, Illinois to see my father-n-law again. It’s been awhile.

  18. I’d be able to do a better job driving to my daughter’s in NC form NM. I’d be able to find the detours needed because of road work!

  19. I would take a trip across the country! :)

  20. Planning a trip to Arizona and would use this to help get there.

  21. I would like to drive from NJ to SC to visit my Father and other family.

  22. I would like to go to Las Vegas, Nevada.

  23. i would go to my dream place Las Vegas

  24. i’d go camping at my sister’s cabin

  25. I would go to Ohio to see baby sis

  26. I’d take a trip to Cedar Point or King’s Island.

  27. Well there is a furniture store in Tulsa that I want to go check out and can’t because finding my way in Tulsa scares the wits out of me. I would most likely try to find it.

  28. If I won I may actually drive someplace. I have an irrational fear of getting lost so my driving is pretty limited to the immediate area.

  29. We’re going camping for Thanksgiving in an area we haven’t tried yet. This GPS would help us immensely!

  30. I would go to the PA grand canyon

  31. Where ever I would go, I wouldn’t get lost. :)

  32. I would take my family to the big zoo in Ohio!

  33. This would be great when driving around NC job hunting!

  34. I’d go around town and on short local trips (read adjacent states) :)

  35. We often go to Chicago to visit family and this would really help us navigate better there.

  36. Honestly, I need a GPS just to get around town. We live near a large city but I will not drive in it because I have gotten lost every time I tried. A GPS would be a very welcome tool!

  37. We would go to PEI Canada!

  38. I would use when I go to any Cities!!! Cities can be SO confusing!! I would LOVE to win this.. I have wanted one for a while now

  39. I would set it for Fort Eustis Virginia to see my Daughter, who is in the Army!

  40. I’ll be moving to California soon and I will definitely need this to get around. I don’t have a GPS so this would be amazing. I’ll need this to travel around, to my mom’s place, and to Disneyland.

  41. To upstate Ny to visit my daughter.

  42. I would go to Skyline Drive in Virginia.

  43. I would go to the beach one last time before fall.

  44. I would like to have it with me next summer when we go on vacation in Virginia.

  45. I would see some relatives in Vermont I have not seen in years.

  46. We use to have a gps but my brother in laws borrowed it and kept it. We loved just to drive around on the back roads and discover new places!

  47. This would be an amazing gift for my daughter who always get lost

  48. I would use it for work.

  49. If I had this GPS, it would make my trip to Arcata, CA so much easier!
    It is difficult to look at a map when driving.

  50. I’d travel all over the country.

  51. San Diego, CA.

  52. i would use it to go to Texas to see my cousin.

  53. San Francisco, CA.

  54. I would go directly to my Dad’s House and give him this gift.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Las Vegas baby!!

  56. I would go to my favorite place Australia

  57. Oregon to see family.

  58. We would use it to go to the beach….it would be our son’s first time whenever we go :)

  59. I’d go on a vacation with my family …. maybe to the beach :)

  60. I would use it to take a road trip to visit my son.

  61. I would go to Albuquerque, New Mexico

  62. We would take the family to Miami!

  63. It would be nice to just help me find places or low gas all throughout the city.

  64. to visit family out of state

  65. I’d go visit my daughter in her brand new apartment

  66. I would use this to take a trip to Canada! My husband and I are thinking of moving there and would like to go visit!

  67. I would go to Las Vegas, Nevada – I’ve always wanted to drive there.

  68. Anywhere I want…because I wouldn’t get lost!

  69. We’d take off through the mountains!

  70. We head up to New Jersey quite a bit and would probably head to Florida, as well.

  71. I would use it to go everywhere!

  72. I would go to Gainesville GA!

  73. I want to go to different malls around where I live!

  74. I would go to Yellowstone National Park.

  75. missouri

  76. Carmel, CA.

  77. I would give this to my son. He just started college at Universal Technical Institute and this would help him get familiar with the area more.

  78. I need one for always traveling and forever getting lost! Thank You!

  79. Oh boy – that’s a tough one. We’ve wanted to drive out to and spend time in Northern California – SFO, Napa Valley…

    We also have wanted to visit friends in Portland and Seaside Oregon. Same goes for Seattle and Bainbridge Island…

    BUT first and foremostL both my Mom and my Sister (and her family) just moved out to Montana (Bozeman area) and we’ve promised to drive out for a visit as soon as they all get settled in.

    A Magellan SmartGPS would be a true Godsend! Thanks.

  80. I would use this to take a trip to Cali!

  81. I would find my way around easier geo caching! Around my town of Kelso/Longview, WA

  82. I’d love to head up to Mt Rushmore. I went as a child and now that I have a family I intend to go again.

  83. I’d do some upstate NY touring – Letworth Park, other places with waterfalls.

  84. I would love to go to LA again – I love the cultural diversity and beaches out there!

  85. I would take it with me when we go to Miami Beach!

  86. I would like to visit Seattle, WA

  87. My fiance’ would go everywhere with this. He just started driving over the road but he hasn’t been able to afford a GPS yet so for now he calls me to give him directions.. I would love to not have to be his long-distance navigator.

  88. This would come so much in handy for me. I get nervous driving places I don’t know. I might venture out anywhere! :)

  89. I would visit my family in another state.

  90. I would like to visit Orlando, Florida.

  91. I’d be able to go all around town and not get lost….
    Thanks for the contest.

  92. I am horrible with a map but with this I would feel safe traveling somewhere I have never been but always wanted to see so I would head to Las Vegas

  93. san diego ca

  94. I would go to the west coast.


  96. I would take a road trip to visit my family in Tampa Florida :)
    From Atl Ga

  97. Oklahoma

  98. I would drive across the country.

  99. I would go to the beach!

  100. I would go to Cape Cod

  101. I would go visit some family in Georgia for Christmas! :)

  102. we take a lot of ‘little’ trips, to michigan, illinois, new york, pennsylvania, etc. the GPS would be such a help since hubs won’t ask for directions!

  103. I would travel through the Dakotas.

  104. I would go on a road trip to lots of different places.

  105. This would make family vacations a lot more pleasant! No fighting while trying to get to our destination. I would use this for next year’s trip to Myrtle Beach!

  106. “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go!” JK! I know the way to grandma’s house, but there are so many other places even in state that I would love to visit that we don’t because my boyfriend gets frustrated with ever-changing city routes because of construction and what not. This would be great to have.

    I would love to check out Hollywood Slots (or the outlets in North Conway) as I’ve never been to a casino and just want to check it out and see what the hub-bub is all about.

  107. I’d go see family all over!

  108. i would take my family to our hometown ny

  109. To BlissdomCA 2013 is where I would go

  110. I would love to go to the mountains up north

  111. i would take a trip to see the fall foliage.

  112. probably take my son to mimi’s house.

  113. I’d take a trip to Maine, especially if I somehow magically had the money and my husband got the time off from work! :-)

  114. Go on a road trip with my grandsons, and their parents.

  115. I would love to have to be able to drive to my daughter’s home in Philadelphia

  116. I really need this to get to appt. on time and travel to family! Thank You for the chance!

  117. I would visit my older sister in Miami, Florida!!

  118. Would plan a trip out west for my kids, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Crater Lake, West Coast.

  119. I would go to Alaska

  120. I’d love to set off on a cross-country adventure!! It’s been a while since I’ve been on a road trip!

  121. I would go to Tennessee

  122. My :”Destin”ation would be to go to Destin, FL.

  123. Would use this in arizona.

  124. I would drive to Jackson Hole, WY with my husband!

  125. I’d take a drive to Denver :o)

  126. I would drive all over Dallas with my new GPS. :)

  127. i would explore the florida panhandle

  128. I would love to see my grandson whom I have not seen since birth. He is now in grade school and living in N. Carolina. I am awful with directions and would be to afraid to make a trip like this without some added security, such as a GPS.

  129. This would really help me out on my planned trip to Florida in the Spring. I want to keep from getting lost and maps are not the answer!

  130. I would love to take a drive from New york city to Maine

  131. Texas and beyond.

  132. I would go to Los Angeles

  133. Mt Rushmore! My husband wants to take our son there.

  134. I would travel back home, up north! Worry free!

  135. I get confused easily.I would use it everywhere i went.

  136. We like to take day trips to Chicago, and since I don’t know the area very well (and the driving there is CRAZY), it’d be nice to have a Magellan GPS to help with the journey.

  137. I would like to travel up in Canada

  138. I would go where ever my boys have wrestling tournaments

  139. I would finally venture into Columbus Ohio without being terrified.

  140. To Portland, Oregon

  141. We love to drive around St Louis looking for estate sales and auctions.

  142. I’d go for a roadtrip throughout the Midwest.

  143. This would make all trips with the hubby somch easier! I would love to have this for trips back home. We live 325 miles and 500mles from out families and the conditions are always different when for we travel. The GPS would be helpful with traffic and construction. And the speed limit tracking would be helpful for my lead footed hubby.


  144. I would take my family to Yellowstone Park.

  145. I would more thoroughly explore my area (and by my area I mean the entire eastern part of the state)

  146. I would take it when traveling around town and out of town it would really help.

  147. We would use it to find fun parks, play centers, and farms to take our 18 month old son!

  148. We would love this to have in Florida for our daughter’s wedding. And also for our newish driver son to have when traveling for sports in different areas including our biggest nearby city. He doesnt have a smart phone, actually only my husband does and even though these phones have that capability, there are times when the phone goes wonky and we are stuck in the boonies trying to find out how to get to a family event or sports event, etc. We loved our old Magellan but is now over 12 years old and not updated or working.

  149. I would use it to go see the country on the backroads.

  150. I would go to Rio Rancho, NM.

  151. I would seriously use this to go everywhere lol after moving from Chicago to rural Northern Wisconsin Im CONSTANTLY getting lost on the maze of back roads up here (I’m use to having landmarks and well a corn field looks like a corn field to me haha) And I cant believe how awesome the features are on the Magellan!

  152. I would go up the coast on a nice vacation

  153. I would find myself a new state to live in, and start over, who knows where?

  154. my hubby would use this to take my son to basketball games

  155. I would go everywhere! We are foodies but live in a rural area, so this GPS would really help us find cities and restaurants to eat at!

  156. I’d use this to take a drive into the country.

  157. I would love to visit my fa,ily in South Dakota.


  158. I would go anywhere and everywhere and feel confident of finding the address.My husband has a nose like a hound when it comes to directions but I seem to be one of those people that can’t find the place.LOLI would love to win a Magellan Smart GPs.

  159. This would make it so much easier to navigate to our high school reunion! And looking ahead, we’re planning a cross country move – this sounds like it would be perfect for that time.

  160. I’d go to lots of places in Florida with the Magellan.

  161. I would drive to texas for my friends wedding

  162. I would take my daughter to the Jennie Finch softball camp. thank you!

  163. I would use it to drive everywhere that I drive and finally not have to worry about getting lost.

  164. Oh the places we’d go…
    My husband is retiring in a few weeks and this would be aperfect gift for him!
    We would go on a little trip to celebrate, wherever he chooses!

  165. I would take my son to Disneyland !

  166. I would go to BIg Bear.never been and would be most helpful to get me there lol

  167. Disney!(florida)

  168. I would love to go up to the Niagara Falls area with the family

  169. I would go to North Carolina to see my grandchildren

  170. I would use this to go anywhere that I didn’t want to get lost. I am terrible with directions and the area I live in isn’t easy to navigate. I would feel so much safer to have this to use!

  171. I would go everywhere! Definitely into doing a cross country trip though.

  172. I would use it to go everywhere!

  173. I would go back home to AZ for a visit during the holidays!

  174. I would go everywhere with the Magellan SmartGPS. I get lost going across town!

  175. I’d drive cross country!

  176. poconos

  177. I would go see my mom!

  178. I have to travel a lot for work everyday so probably all around town.

  179. i would use this for my trip to florida!

  180. I would go to our state fair in Dallas.

  181. We would go visit DH’s family he’s never met before in Florida.

  182. I would go to the Outer Banks

  183. I would take it with me on trips to Florida or trips home to visit family in NY.

  184. I would go to Vegas and want to never leave.

  185. If I had this GPS I would visit the orchards and pumpkin patches in nearby towns that I currently get lost trying to get to!!!

  186. would like to use it when we go to Palm Springs, Calif to see my step daughter.

  187. I would use it to get to concerts without getting lost so much.

  188. The first place I would go will be Alabama to meet my fiance’s family.

  189. I’d use it to drive to disneyland

  190. I would go to Asheville, North Carolina.

  191. I would drive to California

  192. I woul use it on our trip down the coast, from San Francisco to L.A. — visiting wineries, etc. along the way
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  193. I would use the Magellan SmartGPS on my next cross-country drive.

  194. I would use it to explore the northeast US.

  195. Thanks for the giveaway…great for use on a business trip to Los Angeles.

  196. I hate using my phone as a GPS, because then it renders the phone dysfunctional…this looks like a great GPS to use on my family’s road trips to Philadelphia and Chicago.

  197. I would go on a road trip & check out the state that I just moved to.

  198. would use for our next trip to the mountains

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  199. I would feel a little better when I have to make a trip to Stockton, it’s a high crime area and I get really nervous when I have to go there.

  200. I would take this all over the place and put it to great use as a home health nurse!

  201. I would drive to Cali, I wish!

  202. I would go to the Grand Canyon

  203. I would use it for my trip to Las Vegas next year.

  204. A trip to ther coast would be nice.

  205. I’d go to the beach.

  206. To NY for New Years!!

  207. I would go on a roadtrip.

  208. i would use this for a trip to the maryland shore.

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