1. Leslie says

    Wow you both look quite alike. I get astonished sometimes looking at old photographs and seeing how my parents have aged.

  2. arenda says

    I love the fact that your daughter looks so much like you, that is special!! I can see myself, my husband and even my dad at times in my two sons…all of a sudden the boys will say or do something and I will be like: ” wow, that was so totally like my dad or my husband” hahaha…precious. I also like the picture of you and your dad, that is a special one!!!

  3. says

    I love the picture of you and your dad. My dad passed away when I was 21 (he was only 42 years old). I treasure photos of just me and him. He had a full beard like your dad, too, a lot of the time. I always thought he looked like Grizzly Adams! :)

  4. Eileen says

    OH my gosh Teri, it is not even a resemblance…you look exACTLY alike! Often I hear remarks about my 4 daughters looking like me and I just don’t see it…UNTIL we look at old pictures. I dont have many pictures of me at all when I was little as we had 9 kids, no time and no money for such things, but now that the kids are older and we compare to my teen and twenty something pictures , they do look a ton like me. (poor souls;)

  5. Christina Isaac says

    Holy cow! You guys look so much alike!! Goodness!! You couldn’t deny that child if you tried!! BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  6. tami s says

    You both look so alike it’s uncanny. It made me get out old pics as everyone says my daughter (now 21) and I look alike. Brought back some great memories. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wendi Scharrer says

    Wow thats great. I have pictures of myself that looks like my oldest son and my daughter looks like my sister in law (her aunt) Crazy

  8. kimberly owens says

    My daughter is the spitting image of me as well. And her personality is pretty close. Love it. Love all of your pictures.

  9. Richelle says

    I love looking at photos of myself and comparing them to my two children. They change so much from infancy!

  10. sherry says

    wow you both look a like. shes cute little girl. everyone says my daughter looks a lot like me but well see when she gets older

  11. sherry moore says

    wow you both look a like. shes cute little girl. everyone says my daughter looks a lot like me but well see when she gets older.

  12. Cindy B says

    Wow, the resemblance is amazing! Neither of my boys look much like me, but my grandson definitely has my looks!

  13. clarissa marshall says

    I love how when you have have children u can find so much likeness to you or ur husband! My son looks like my husbands mini me but whats funny is i have a picture of me at 3 years old and you would think it was my son actually people had thought it was when I shuld them lol so its amazing how he can look like a exact verison of my husband just smaller and just like me when I was his age. My daughter on the other hand looks just like her brother with a sight difference her lips arent as full like her brothers who gets them from his father and becus of that she looks alot like her brother but also looks identical to my oldest sisters baby pictures. SO I guess its so fasinating how kids can look so much like one person but at the same time look very simiular to another person who looks nothing like the first person the child is basically identical too. Hope you all inderstand what I was saying I can see how it is rather confusing if ya dont get it

  14. cr perez says

    Aw how adorable, I have noticed the same with my lil one and myself. We look so much alike at the same age it is soo amazing!

  15. Demetria says

    The resemblance is uncanny! How cool that you look so much alike. My daughter looks nothing like me. People ask if she is my child all the time :/

  16. Dorothy Boucher says

    look alike runs in my family, everyone tells me my daughters look like me and that i look like my mom ; )

  17. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Wow, that’s crazy! For the longest time my daughter looked nothing like me, at 18 months, she is now starting to resemble me.

  18. Chev Sopkin says

    Aryka does look just like you when you were younger. Very cute photo of you & your dad. Amazing how the cycle of life is a physical glimpse of reincarnation. She is adorable! <3

  19. G says

    You and your daughter look exactly alike….I was wondering if you were the same ages in the pics… The one of you and your dad brought tears to my eyes. I lost my own dad when I was 23, dad was only 49…. I also loved the pic in another post with your husband and kids….so cute.

  20. G says

    I posted but it didn’t show up….. You and your daughter look exactly alike…. I was wondering if you arr the same age in the two photos. The photo of you and your dad brought tears to my eyes, I lost my own dad when I was only 23 and he was only 49…. Like your dad, mine wore a full beard a lot too… Treasure the memories. On another post, saw a photo of your husband and kids all dressed up, that one is precious too….

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