Halloween RePurpose: Step2 Treat Wagon

Halloween RePurpose: Step2 Treat Wagon
Halloween RePurpose: Step2 Treat Wagon
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While I admit I am not the most crafty lady in my group of peers, I most certainly enjoy the gift of repurpose. Taking something that is no longer useful or even a consistent live piece such as the Step2 wagon used here and putting it in a completely different setting is hobby that bring be great joy. Of course turning milk jugs into skeletons and old boxes into spooky houses is alot of fun but sometimes my children challenge me to go outside the box a bit and create a tamer piece with their assistance. Thus we bring you the Treat Wagon.

Step 1 – Start with a clean Step2 Wagon.


Step 2 – Cut a box to make a flat surface for cardboard support on the inner portion of the wagon.


Step 3 – Line the wagon with spider web. {This can be found at the Dollar Store}Fill with decor and treats.


Step 4 – Fill with decor and treats. Enjoy!

Halloween Treat Wagon

This is a great piece to leave at your doorstep if you are going to be away on Halloween night, easy project to take with you to a Halloween event at your organization or even a pull behind for your Fall Parade.

Need more great wagon repurpose ideas? Checkout these amazing ideas:

Mom Dot Fun Drink Station

Party friendly. Grand idea for both children and adult themed events. I could easily incorporate this theme into a princess party and even a holiday horah.



Link Fairy Trick Or Treating Chariot

Ride in style with this suped up wagon for three. Halloween never rode so smooth.



Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3 Stay Clutter Free

Keeping art supplies together can be pesky. Combine that with the need to keep your wagon out of the weather and you get a great solution.



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  1. Thank you for this posting, what creativity & pictures. We are now inspired to decorate ours

  2. What cute ideas. I’m not as crafty as you are but I do recycle everything that can be.

  3. Very creative and seems easy to make – I have an old wagon sitting in the garage, it is made of wood and I think it will serve as a great Halloween decoration as long as I follow your tutorial.

  4. I dig your ideas. I have a wagon and have no idea why I didn’t think about taking that with us when we went trick or treating. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a great day.

  5. These are all really cute and entertaining ideas! We don’t have a wagon, but we do have a wheelbarrow that will work just as well.

  6. I really love this idea it is SO creative and unique! I wish now that I lived in an area where kids came around LOL but I may make one just for my daughter she loves this kind of stuff :)

  7. Great idea! I’m definitely doing this

  8. VERY creative! I love this idea. AND, I have a Step2 wagon! WOOT!

  9. i loved this post. Such cute ideas for the wagon. Not just for pulling kids in!

  10. cute ideas. i like the decorating of the 3 small wagons to put the kids in when they eventually get tired of walking. travelling in style!

  11. this is a great idea. thanks for sharing. thank you.

  12. Really love that idea! It would be fun to tote the kids around in it like a float!

  13. I like that idea and i would make an All saints Day wagon since I dont do Halloween.

  14. Great idea, we were wondering what we could pull my niece around in besides her stroller on Halloween. This is perfect. Thanks for posting! :)

  15. Very cool idea, I would’ve never thought about this if I hadn’t come across this post. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I don’t have one of these wagons, but this is a very cool idea. :) Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow. I work as a full time nanny and I know they have a wagon. This project will be fun to do together. Thanks!

  18. What a creative easy way to do Halloween decorations with things that you already have!

  19. Love the idea of turning this into a spooky halloween drink station! I just might have to try this out this year! Or this would also be a great thing to leave by our door so that trick-or-treaters can help themselves to some candy while we’re out trick-or-treating ourselves!

  20. So cute! and I bet quite a few people have a wagon like this collecting dust (or are still using it), and never thought of repurposing it for Halloween. Great idea!!! and so easy!

  21. I love the idea of repurposing wagons. I never really thought of it and I will definitely keep this in mind next Halloween or even all year long with other purposes. thanks!!

  22. What a great idea for a step 2 Wagon. It looks so neat! How did you think of that? I’m so not crafty. lol

  23. What a cool idea. I’m sure the treat wagons were a hit on Halloween!

  24. great ideas i love new ideas to do to make it fun for the kids

  25. That’s a cute idea. People don’t really decorate for halloween like they did when I was a kid.

  26. Oh my goodness these ideas are so creative and cute. I would have never thought of it. will have to try this next year! Thanks for sharing!

  27. That is such a neat idea, I bet the kids really liked that, you did a great job:)

  28. Very cute ideas for next year. Thanks.

  29. What a Cute Idea this has been an ispiration from the comments I see here, how nice to see some talent!

  30. This is super fun. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!!

  31. These are all great ideas. Another great idea is to fill it with candy for the kids at Halloween. Thank you for sharing this great craft post.

  32. The Halloween wagon is a great idea! I never have a chance to actually give candy out because I’m usually taking my sons Trick or Treating, I could do both with one of these!

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